Microsoft Already Thought About Halo on PlayStation, Says Former Xbox Boss

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"I Remember Conversations About Halo on PlayStation"

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  • Halo is one of Xbox’s flagship IPs, and it has been highly popular since day one.
  • Peter Moore, the former Head of Xbox, revealed that Xbox has always considered the possibility of bringing this IP to PlayStation.
  • Such conversations were being had as early as 2007.

Halo defined an entire generation of first-person shooters on Xbox consoles in the early 2000s, dominating the genre on consoles before Call of Duty’s fame spiraled to new heights.

The series, while not as popular today, serves as an integral part of the Xbox identity. With recent rumors of Starfield and Indiana Jones possibly going multiplatform, Halo came to mind as fans feared this franchise would move to PlayStation.

While these rumors were eventually debunked by Phil Spencer, a former Xbox executive states that Microsoft already considered this option over a decade ago.

Why it matters: Halo is so crucial to Microsoft’s gaming legacy that Master Chief is even featured on the Xbox Series X packaging.

halo infinite
Halo Infinite Took A Free-to-Play Approach For The First Time In This Series

Peter Moore recently spoke to IGN and recalled conversations about this exact subject.

 I do remember conversations about Halo on PlayStation.

-Peter Moore

He explained that such thought processes are not uncommon in the gaming industry, with everyone constantly evaluating their options. Even if the idea of Halo on PlayStation sounds ridiculous, Xbox ensured that it would consider all the possibilities for growth.

You’re constantly thinking about every scenario.

-Peter Moore

While this never came to fruition, it might be shocking that Xbox even considered porting its most iconic IP to a rival platform.

It is important to note that Microsoft was the market leader at this time, comfortably beating the PS3 during the early parts of its lifespan. Halo was also at its peak, with Halo 3 still considered the peak of this series by many.

Halo On Xbox Series X Packaging

He further explained that a publisher would not care much about sacrificing its brand identity if it meant it could triple or quadruple revenue through another platform.

According to Peter Moore, a potential scenario where Halo was limited to $250 million in revenue on Xbox and PlayStation could help it reach $1 billion would be enough to force Microsoft to think really hard about the possibility.

In the same interview, he shed light on his thoughts about the future of gaming. Microsoft could find its future in a cloud-based ecosystem, with the possible first step being taken this year with the introduction of streaming of owned games.

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