PlayStation Partner Deviation Games Shut Down Amid Layoffs

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AAA PlayStation Exclusive Canceled!

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  • Deviation Games was working on an AAA game in partnership with PlayStation.
  • The studio was hit with layoffs last year and has been shut down recently.
  • Its AAA PlayStation exclusive has also been canceled.

The gaming industry has been unforgiving to developers lately, with multiple rounds of layoffs occurring at major game development companies, including Microsoft and Sony. These layoffs have resulted in thousands of developers losing their jobs.

In addition to developers being laid off in huge numbers, studios are shutting down, which raises serious concerns about the future of the gaming industry. Deviation Games, a studio that collaborated with PlayStation to develop an exclusive AAA title, is now shutting down following last year’s layoffs.

Why it matters: The gaming industry has become very demanding, which has increased the operating costs of developers. These studios now have to make the difficult decision to lay off employees or face closure.

Deviation Games Shut Down - LinkedIn Post
Deviation Games’ Message via LinkedIn

As previously mentioned, Deviation Games was collaborating with PlayStation on an AAA-exclusive title for the console. However, following the studio’s closure, this project has likely been canceled.

Rumors circulating since December suggested that Sony was in the process of establishing a new studio comprised of former Deviation Games developers. Notably, among the rumored developers was Jason Blundell, co-founder of Deviation Games.

However, those rumors have not been proven yet. If true, this may have been an influence on Deviation Games’ closure.

Deviation Games x PlayStation
Deviation Games x PlayStation Announcement Banner

While the exact cause of the studio’s closure remains undisclosed, financial difficulties are a common culprit behind the demise of many established studios in the industry. This could indeed be a significant factor contributing to Deviation Games’ shutdown.

The LinkedIn post indicates that despite the closure, Deviation Games is taking steps to support its affected staff by organizing a networking event. This gesture reflects a commendable effort to assist employees in finding new opportunities within the industry.

Deviation Games was founded in 2020 by two Call of Duty veterans, Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell. However, Jason Blundell departed from the studio in September 2022 and is rumored to have joined Sony Interactive Entertainment.

We extend our best wishes to the former staff of Deviation Games as they navigate this transition period, and we hope they find fulfilling opportunities in their future endeavors.

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