Deviation Games’ Project Includes Solo/Co-op Gameplay

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Co-Op Gameplay From Deviation Games!

Deviation Games was formed in 2019. Backed by industry veterans from Treyarch, the studio had a lot of potential from the very beginning. PlayStation was quick to realize this potential and partnered with the studio in 2021.

The developer has been hard at work on a new AAA game since 2022. Not much is currently known about this project, but a developer’s Linkedin profile reveals that the game will feature co-op gameplay.

The profile states:

“Design Director for Solo/Co-op on a AAA game.”

Deviation Games Solo Co-op AAA


Another developer’s profile also confirms the game will be based on the highly promising Unreal Engine 5.

Because the studio founders were so heavily involved in the Call of Duty franchise, many have speculated that Deviation Games might be working on a new shooter IP for PlayStation.

A previous leak hinted at this theory, claiming that the studio was working on a world-class FPS game with both narrative elements and multiplayer. This was further supported by job listings that included hints to social systems, matchmaking, and more.

This could mean Deviation Games may be working on a campaign with optional co-op mechanics. The co-op may also be a part of a separate mode like Call of Duty’s wave-based zombie survival.

Treyarch has led the development of some of the best single-player and multiplayer Call of Duty experiences in the previous console generations. Deviation Games’ co-founder, Jason Blundell, was also among the original team behind earlier Call of Duty zombies modes.

When talking about the game, Jason Blundell stated that the studio would learn from past experience but create something fresh and innovative. However, Jason Blundell departed the studio in September 2022, not long after the game began development.

Deviation’s project may help PlayStation break into the live-service genre. The gaming giant has become well known for high-quality single-player titles, but Sony has expressed interest in live-service games moving forward.

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