Why I’m Beyond Excited For Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree

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  • Shadow of the Erdtree previews have painted an incredible picture of the DLC. 
  • FromSoftware has also created what seems to be gaming’s most impressive expansion to date.
  • I am extremely excited about the DLC due to the lore, boss battles, and the excuse to play more Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is a game that brought too many new players to the Soulsborne genre. Many who have played this game came in as complete newcomers.

However, after learning how great FromSoftware’s work is, many of them decided to play the Dark Souls trilogy, along with Sekiro and Bloodborne. Many streamers have done the same, so Elden Ring remains a topic of conversation.

That is the same with me, as I find myself talking to my friends randomly about this title. With the release right around the corner, the hype for Shadow of the Erdtree is also at an all-time high.

Following the previews, there’s even more reason to be excited for this DLC.

Why it matters: Many are anticipating the expansion’s release due to the thrill the base game already provided, but I have several other reasons, too.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Shadow of the Erdtree Lore Already Seems Complex and Interesting

Feed Me More Elden Ring Lore

As an avid Soulsborne player and a fan of FromSoftware’s work, I highly enjoy the deep lore of all the games. The Dark Souls trilogy arguably features some of the best stories in gaming history.

I know you would have to watch VatiVidya to understand that, but it’s so worth it. The intertwined narrative of Dark Souls 1 and 3 was already incredible, so I can’t wait to see where the studio goes next.

There’s so much that can be expanded upon in Shadow of the Erdtree. Miquella’s fate, Mesmer’s intentions, why our character is following in Miquella’s footsteps, the new areas, and the new bosses—everything will have a deep explanation, which I am looking forward to.

Shadow of The Edtree Martial Arts Skill
The New Martial Arts Weapon Class Is Among My Most Anticipated New Introductions

New Weapons, Skills, Areas, And Everything Else

Shadow of the Erdtree seems to be more than just a small update. It is said to feature over 100 weapons from 8 different weapon types. I try to use as many weapons as possible in multiple runs, so this really excites me.

Also, the martial arts weapon class has already become my favorite, and I might try to end the expansion with that class first. What could be cooler than beating the bosses with your fists and kicks? Hoaroh Loux cosplay is coming soon!

Aside from that, there are many new skills and magic that may be worth everyone’s attention. I am not a huge magic fan, but these new additions might change my view once and for all.

Elden Ring
I Am Looking Forward To The Fight Against Mesmer The Impaler and Divine Beast Dancing Lion

Epic Boss Showdowns

Bosses have always been a highlight of FromSoftware’s games, and I expect no less from Shadow of the Erdtree. I have seen many players who don’t take an interest in the story and just care about fighting the enemies, and I don’t think the DLC will disappoint here.

The Divine Beast Dancing Lion is an early-game boss fight I am already looking forward to. He is said to have 4 phases, which can only be seen in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Isshin, The Sword Saint, has four phases, so fans should prepare themselves as a skill check is coming early on.

I am also looking forward to Mesmer since he seems to be the big bad from the recent marketing. However, FromSoftware is known to keep secrets, so I’m willing to bet that other bosses will be just as menacing.

Also, since there are going to be different endings, I am hoping that the DLC will feature multiple final bosses. Perhaps we can go against Miquella and fight him.

Shadow of The Erdtree New Enemies
Shadow of the Erdtree Is More or Less Guaranteed To Be A Hit

The Reviews Are Incredible

At the time of writing, Shadow of the Erdtree has already received reviews from critics.

As someone who absolutely adores the base content, I can’t describe how great it has been to see all the praise coming FromSoftware’s way. In fact, this expansion is now the best-rated release of 2024 and the best-rated DLC in gaming history.

With a score of 95/100 on Metacritic, the team seems to have a surefire hit on its hands.

All of this aside, I am just happy that this DLC gives me an excuse to play Elden Ring again. Don’t get me wrong, I still play the game and can never get enough of it. However, there will be way more content for me to explore soon.

The expansion is said to be 30-40 hours long, but I will take my time and easily stretch my first playthrough to over 80 hours.

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