Elden Ring Shadow of The ErdTree Offers 30-40 Hours of Gameplay

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FromSoftware's Biggest DLC To Date!

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  • Shadow of the Erdtree previews reveal that the DLC will be 30-40 hours long.
  • The game will feature 100 new weapons and 10 new bosses.
  • This is by far the biggest FromSoftware expansion since it costs a whopping $40.

The buzz surrounding Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree has skyrocketed after the recent previews. The previews have revealed plenty of new information, offering insight into the first three hours of gameplay.

Following the impressions, FromSoftware seems on track to exceed expectations yet again. Among other information, the previews seem to confirm that about 30-40 hours of content awaits the players in this DLC.

Why it matters: Since Shadow the Erdtree is priced at $40, some fans were concerned that FromSoftware would not be able to justify the price. 

Elden Ring Could Set A New Bar For DLC Releases Soon

As reported by Okami13, fans can expect 30-40 hours of content in the DLC.

For reference, it has been said that the DLC map is about as large as Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula combined, in addition to a small part of Caelid. This means that the map will be significantly larger than initially expected.

Previously, FromSoftware stated that the expansion would offer a map that is on par with Limgrave. Elsewhere, the DLC is said to introduce a whopping 100 weapons, 8 new weapon types, and 10 main bosses.

Fans can also expect the play time to fluctuate based on how adept they are with Elden Ring’s combat. Those who struggle with bosses and certain areas might take even longer, pushing the total play time to over 50 hours.

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Interestingly, this expansion will also be hard on those with prior experience. Early on, the Divine Beast Dancing Lion will immediately pose a huge challenge.

The boss fight features more phases than the typical foe from Elden Ring. Therefore, this fight will test each skill players have learned throughout their time with FromSoftware’s releases.

The base game can be finished in less than 50 hours if you don’t explore each and everything. So, 30-40 hours for the expansion should be more than enough. For players looking to go the extra mile, the option of 100% completion is always there.

Excited fans should mark their calendars for June 21st. We also recommend finding a believable excuse for those looking to skip work or school since the expansion is less than three weeks away.

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