Bethesda Now Hiring Arkane Austin Developers After Studio Closure

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Redfall Devs To Use Their Talents At Other Studios!

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  • Xbox shut down many important studios during the recent restructuring, including Arkane Austin.
  • The team is now moving on, but it seems Xbox-owned Bethesda teams are lending a hand.
  • Various developers have since moved on to Bethesda Game Studios and ZeniMax Online Studios to support new and ongoing projects.

Xbox closed a major studio like Arkane Austin recently, which had very skilled workers as they had produced some exceptional single-player titles, such as Prey. Following the closure, these workers were at the threat of losing their jobs.

Fortunately, it seems the developers have received help from fellow Bethesda employees. According to reports, various Arkane Austin developers are now moving to other teams under the Bethesda Softworks umbrella.

Why it matters: It can be difficult for developers to find jobs after such devastating layoffs. This makes Bethesda’s help quite relieving.

Prey 6 Years Ago
Prey Is Considered Arkane Austin’s Best Work

As reported by Klobrille, Arkane Austin developers were recently hired by Bethesda Games Studios and ZeniMax Online Studios.

This helps keep the developers under the same Xbox family, merging them into the existing ecosystem. Since two of the biggest teams are hiring, it is likely that others like MachineGames and id Software also offered a helping hand.

There’s no real figure as to how many developers were hired by these teams. Still, the additional talent and creativity should help Bethesda Game Studios and ZeniMax Online Studios bolster their AAA production.

Both teams are working on new projects but supporting existing titles at the same time. As such, more manpower should prove valuable. The former is currently releasing new updates for Starfield, while the latter continues to ensure The Elder Scrolls Online thrives with new content.

Starfield’s Updates Will Benefit From The New Talent

We hope the developers at Tango Gameworks can find similar positions since Hi-Fi Rush was an incredible showcase of their talents last year. This may also help foster positivity among internal Xbox teams.

Bethesda Softworks has all types of ambitious games in development. The Elder Scrolls 6, Doom, Indiana Jones, and more are being worked on, so the publisher can use all the help it finds across the many studios under its umbrella.

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