Yakuza Live Action Adaptation From Amazon Set To Air October 25

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Kazuma Kiryu is Coming to Live-Action!

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  • The Yakuza franchise is getting a live-action series by Amazon called Like a Dragon: Yakuza.
  • It will be based on an original screenplay but will be influenced by the original franchise.
  • The series will have six episodes released in two batches from October 25.

Yakuza is a very popular brawler/action RPG franchise by Sega. The first game came out back in 2005 and immediately became a success, spawning several sequels and the very successful Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth earlier this year.

Continuing the IP’s rise to popularity, Amazon has just announced a live-action series for this franchise.

Why it matters: Amazon previously delivered an excellent adaptation of the Fallout series, so Like a Dragon could get a similar treatment, especially considering how much source material there is to explore.

Kiryu from Yazkuza is a man with a strict code of honor and justice.

Amazon has announced that Like a Dragon: Yakuza will comprise six episodes. They will be divided into two batches, released on October 25 and November 1, respectively. Along with the announcement, key art for the series has also been revealed.

It will be directed by Masaharu Take and will feature famous stage actor Ryoma Takeuchi, who will take on the role of Kazuma Kiryu. The live-action series will borrow from the original Yakuza game but offer an original screenplay.

Fans can also expect to see the Kamurocho entertainment district from the games, with the show covering two different periods, 1995 and 2005.

I have poured out my heart, soul, and the experience that I have garnered over 35 years into Like a Dragon: Yakuza.

-Like a Dragon: Yakuza Director

Like a Dragon: Yakuza will be loosely based on the original Yakuza game.

The showrunners and actors seemed to have poured their entire heart and soul into this adaptation. The lead actor, Ryoma Takeuchi, has gotten into shape and also features Kiryu’s iconic tattoo on his back.

Moreover, the director hopes to deliver an iconic adaptation.

The series kicks off from when Kiryu was young in 1995. Then, he spends time in prison following a troubled childhood, and the story continues from there. Nonetheless, everything points towards a great adaptation, and we can’t wait to stream it once it arrives.

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