GuidesWikiExplained: Why Are PC Parts So Expensive Right Now?

Explained: Why Are PC Parts So Expensive Right Now?

Learn the reasons behind the high cost of PC parts at the moment and understand the factors influencing this trend.

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Why are PC parts so expensive? It’s a question many people ask. There are plenty of reasons behind this, and we will discuss them in detail. 

Every year, we see the release of new PC parts. From graphics cards to motherboards, manufacturers are always releasing something new. However, the costs of these parts are always high. 

Key Takeaways

  • Components for computers have always been rather pricey. Modern CPUs and GPUs still have significant material and labor costs. The supply chain upon which PC hardware relies was substantially decreased due to the pandemic, which forced many employees throughout the globe to quarantine securely at home.
  • The production, research & development of computer parts are complex and technological endeavors. That’s why the price of computer hardware is higher than ever right now.
  • When demand increases while supply remains constant, prices tend to go up. This is the crucial implication here. Price increases occur when the supply of a product or service is reduced while the demand remains constant or increases.

Why Are Computer Parts Expensive In General?

Computer parts are famously expensive, and there’s a good reason. The components are in short supply and in great demand, which leads to prices that reflect that. But various other factors affect the price as well, and we are going to talk about them below. 

The Cost of Materials

When it comes to the cost of materials, manufacturers have to invest a lot in R&D to come up with new products. This costs money and increases the price of goods, as demand is high from businesses.

Why are PC parts so expensive
PC Build – Image take by Tech4Gamers.

Taxes and other costs are also associated with products that need to be considered, like environmental impact fees or labor costs. Some items, like complete computers, are produced in small quantities, so their prices are high because they’re scarce.

Additionally, some components may only be available at a higher price due to manufacturers’ artificial supply limits. This happens when there’s competition among different companies for a limited resource.

Supply and Demand 

When buying computer parts, one thing always remains the same; the demand for specific components will always exceed the supply. As a result, prices for these items are going to be high. However, this isn’t necessarily bad news, as it allows individuals and businesses to take advantage of price hikes by planning.

In addition, knowing how parts work and how they are made is essential in understanding why some items cost more than others. All things are taken into consideration. Pricing computer parts correctly should not be too difficult – provided you know where to look!

Manufacturers Make a Profit

Manufacturers make a lot of money by charging high prices for computer parts[1]. They do this to pay for the expenses related to marketing, production, and research and development.

This often leaves consumers with expensive laptop or desktop replacements that they may not need. So, it’s always worth considering the price tags on computer parts before making a purchase.

The High Price of Transportation

A significant factor contributing to high computer prices is the high price of transportation. This is because parts and components have to be transported from factories to retailers all over the world, which in turn raises their costs significantly. In the past few months, fuel prices have almost doubled, which has affected the price of PC parts greatly. 

Labor is Expensive

Labour is also one of the reasons for why PC parts are so expensive. Computer parts are expensive because of the high labor costs involved in manufacturing them. This is why buying used or refurbished parts is often cheaper. You can even save up to 80% by buying used parts! Computer parts are complex and expensive due to the multiple steps they go through before they reach your hands – from design to production.

All these factors mean that workers making computers need good pay and benefits, which significantly adds to their price tag.

Why Are Computer Parts Expensive Right now?

There’s no doubt that computer parts are expensive right now. However, it’ll be a few months before the supply and demand balance changes, so be patient. In the meantime, keep checking for deals on computer parts to save money. Many businesses are upgrading their equipment, and as a result, the demand for these parts has caused the prices of these parts to skyrocket.

Chip Shortage

The chip shortage is causing significant issues for businesses and consumers.

  1. Producers of computer parts are facing a shortage of components such as chips, motherboards, and memory cards due to the high demand from various industries.
  2. Prices for these things have increased. As a result, making them unaffordable for most people.

The Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of the reasons why the prices have gone up recently. The global pandemic is proving to be a significant challenge for manufacturers. Due to increased computer usage, parts that were not used as much before, such as hard drives and CPUs, are now in high demand. If you’re planning on buying a new computer, get your parts ahead, so you don’t have any problems later on.

Parts prices have also increased significantly because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Laptop parts especially seem particularly expensive now. So if money is tight and you need to buy a new machine, it might be best to wait until prices normalize again.

Incredibly High Demand

There is an incredibly high demand for computer parts, which has led to steep price increases. Manufacturers are forced to increase prices to cover the costs of increasing production and the ever-growing need for new parts. Not only that, but people are upgrading their machines more frequently than ever before, necessitating the replacement of parts at regular intervals. 

Why are PC parts so expensive
SSD on motherboard – Image captured by Tech4Gamers.


Scalpers are those who take advantage of people by buying and selling items at a premium price without considering the needs or wants of the consumer[2]. This often happens in times of shortage, such as with computer parts. However, another type of scalper exists on the black market for goods and services.

In this case, dealers can charge an inflated price for something that has been in short supply for quite some time. Most people think that prices for these scarce resources will decrease once they’re more available to the public. However, this isn’t always true! Parts may become readily available again, but sellers might still be able to demand a high price because most people would rather not deal with uncertainty.

How The Chip Shortage Affects the Price of Different PC Parts

The chip shortage is significantly impacting many components. Chips and graphics cards are two components that are more vulnerable to shortages than others[3]. As a result, manufacturers have started stocking up on these items in advance.

But it’s impossible to predict how long this will continue. In the meantime, people are forced to make do with parts already in short supply. So, if you’re in the market for a new PC, check for chip shortages before making a purchase.


The chip shortage is having a negative impact on CPUs across the board. Prices have increased, meaning that even basic parts of your computer are now more expensive than usual. You may find that your performance is reduced as a result. Getting a quality CPU that will last longer and doesn’t break down quickly is essential. Research and make sure you choose the suitable model for your specific computer build.


RAM is one of a PC’s most commonly affected parts due to the chip shortage. Specifically, laptop and tablet users are likely to feel its pinch as their machines have more memory-intensive tasks queued up for execution. If you can wait patiently until then and don’t need any urgent upgrades right now (which might be tricky!), you’ll probably do just fine too! 

Why are PC parts so expensive
RAM – Image captured by Tech4Gamers.


The chip shortage has significantly impacted the prices of graphics processing units (GPUs). Understanding the graphics requirements for your specific application or gaming setup is essential. So, you’re getting the most out of your GPU purchase.

Don’t just go for the most potent model – make sure you evaluate all your options first! GPUs are essential in high-end tasks like gaming and video editing, so don’t miss out on this great technology just because it’s not as popular as other parts of pc hardware. Also, make sure to check out our guide on the best 6 RTX 3060 graphics cards for 2022

HDDs and SSDs

The shortage of HDDs and SSDs have caused significant problems for PC manufacturers. As a result, they have had to increase prices or face shortages in parts essential for laptop and desktop computers. When ordering these parts, it is essential to ensure you order backups so that your data is safe in case of shortages or price hikes. In addition, you may experience longer wait times for your orders to arrive and higher prices when compared with regular supplies.

Prebuilt PCs

The chip shortage is causing manufacturers to band together and purchase bulk CPUs, graphics cards, and other parts. Because of this, the prices for prebuilt PCs have increased significantly- even by as much as 50%.

This implies that if you want to purchase a PC. Remember that there could be price hikes around- not just for the processor or graphics card. There may also be an increase in other components like the motherboard and hard drive. And don’t forget about warranties- some companies are charging extra for them now due to high demand.

What’s Causing the Price of PC Parts to Rise?

PC parts are becoming increasingly expensive – what’s causing this increase? There are a few reasons:

  1. Rising demand for electronics.
  2. The globalization of the PC market.
  3. Rising expenses when buying computer parts.

As electronic devices become more popular, demand for PC parts will continue to increase. This is because electronics require more PC parts to function properly. As the global PC market expands, so does the demand for PC parts.

Unfortunately, many people find it harder and harder to afford good quality PC parts. That is leading to an increase in price. If you’re considering buying some new PC parts, research first to determine if your price is worth it!

Rising Demand for Electronics

The price of PC parts is rising, as manufacturers try to keep up with the surging demand for electronics. The booming market for electronics, such as laptops and tablets, is causing the price of PC parts to go up significantly. The increased use of electronic gadgets like laptops and tablets is responsible for this rise in demand. As a result, these parts’ prices have increased significantly over the past few years.

Why are PC parts so expensive
PC Building – Image taken by Tech4Gamers.

However, don’t be discouraged – there are ways to save on your purchases. For example, shopping for PC parts online can often be cheaper than buying them in-store. Additionally, check for deals and discounts that are available on specific products. And last but not least, make use of warranty services to protect your investment.

The globalization of the PC market

The globalization of the PC market is one of the reasons why PC parts are so expensive. For consumers, the sky is seemingly the limit regarding PC prices. With more countries entering the market, the resource pressure has only increased.

Manufacturers now have to compete with each other on a global scale, leading to price hikes for parts and components. This increase in competition has driven up prices for all types of PC parts, from processors and graphics cards to motherboards and RAM. Although keeping up with the ever-changing prices can be challenging, being aware of them is the first step in mitigating any damage.

Rising demand for computer parts in emerging economies

PC parts are becoming increasingly popular, causing the price of these components to rise. While this may cause some price decreases soon, it’s still a great time to invest in PC components! This is because the demand for these parts mainly comes from emerging economies, causing the prices of these parts to increase.

In addition, manufacturing these components has moved out of Western countries and into emerging economies. That has helped these companies see their profits overgrow. The time is here if you’re looking to purchase or upgrade your PC!

Cutting Expense When Buying Computer Parts

When buying computer parts, it’s essential to do your research. All items are not created equal. The quality of a system depends on the quality of the components used.

You can save money on computer hardware by buying quality parts. Many companies are now using more expensive materials in their products, which drives up the cost of components. As a result, the price of PC parts tends to rise from time to time. Production cost is one of the main reasons for the increase in prices of PC components.

However, with the right information and research, you can avoid these fluctuations and keep your computer running smoothly!

Review Your Current Parts List

One of the best ways to save money on computer purchases is by reviewing your parts list and making cuts where necessary. Not only will you be able to do this without feeling guilty, but you will also be able to upgrade or replace hardware more cheaply in the future.

You can also try finding cheaper replacement parts for broken equipment. Doing all this beforehand can help you maintain a healthy computer budget and avoid any hefty repair costs down the line!

Save Money on Computer Parts

Computer parts can be expensive, so it’s essential to know how to save money on them. Here are four tips that will help you do just that:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for recommendations – they usually know where to buy cheap computer parts.
  2. Compare prices for different brands and models to get the best deal.
  3. Keep an inventory of discontinued, older-model parts, so you are always prepared for repairs or upgrades.
  4. Do your research and find the best deals on computer parts by using online price comparison tools or pricing databases.

Determine the Right Part for Your Needs

No matter how careful you are, something always goes wrong. The best way to protect yourself is to have a backup plan for unforeseen events. The most essential factor in purchasing computer parts is making the suitable choice for your requirements. Consider your needs while researching costs and reviews from various sources.

Compare Prices Online

There are several ways you can save money when buying computer parts. Using the information in this article, you’ll be able to compare prices and find the best deal for your needs. Additionally, if purchasing in bulk is an option for you, make sure to explore discounts that might be available through your supplier. When shopping for PC parts, you should use online comparison websites.

Before making a purchase, reading reviews on these websites is the best approach to determine which hardware or software is being offered at the greatest price.


As you can see for yourself, there are plenty of reasons why PC parts are so expensive. The globalization of the PC market has resulted in manufacturers in emerging economies producing high-quality computer parts at lower prices. Then those in developed countries. Hopefully, the prices will go back to normal next year. 

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