Titanfall 3 Needs To Be EA’s Priority After Shift From Licensed IPs

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Mandalorian Game Sacrifice Could Lead To Titanfall 3!

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  • EA recently laid off 670 employees, affecting many studios and canceling Star Wars Mandalorian.
  • The publisher wants to avoid licensed IPs, opening the doors to another Titanfall entry.
  • With EA hoping to work on in-house IPs, Titanfall 3 is the perfect game to target for Respawn Entertainment.

A new release in the Titanfall series is long overdue. Even after high demand for a third installment in the series, EA and Respawn Entertainment haven’t said anything about the game.

I am a massive fan of the Titanfall franchise, so I am well aware of its potential. Respawn Entertainment already canceled a third game to work on Apex Legends, but it was also working on various licensed Star Wars titles.

In addition to the Star Wars Jedi series, Respawn was working on a brand new first-person shooter based on The Mandalorian until recently. However, with this game now canceled, EA has the perfect opportunity to create Titanfall 3.

Why it matters: This series was abandoned before it could be fully explored with more movement options, wilder stories, and complex multiplayer elements. It is still full of potential.   

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 Is Nearly 8 Years Old Already

The Stars Have Seemingly Aligned For Titanfall 3

In recent years, Respawn Entertainment has teased Titanfall 3 too many times to ignore as a coincidence. The studio recently updated Titanfall 2, and the game went through a major resurgence in no time.

This was the perfect example of the admiration this community holds for Titanfall to date. While Apex Legends is still taking away resources from this series, Respawn Entertainment is no longer as busy.

The developer is currently working on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s sequel. Following The Mandalorian’s cancelation, the future of the RTS Star Wars game remains a mystery. All of this means that Respawn has fewer projects on its plate.

The Mandalorian may have been full of potential, but its cancellation could pave the way for Titanfall 3 since EA is now interested in doubling down on in-house IPs. This alone means that the odds of a new entry are much higher than before.

Titanfall Released 9 Years Ago
The First Titanfall Game Was Launched In 2014

Respawn Entertainment also has more experience running a live-service title in 2024 than it did when Titanfall was in its prime. Using the lessons learned from Apex Legends, Titanfall 3 could be supported for many years through new multiplayer content.

Let’s also not forget the fact that Titanfall 2 had one of the best first-person shooter campaigns to date. Therefore, a third game would excel in all departments.

I might be too optimistic here, but EA is going through a restructuring phase. It has laid off many employees and limited the focus on its own IPs. EA has many original IPs, but why does Titanfall 3 deserve priority?

This series is still very close to Respawn Entertainment. The developer has expressed interest in returning to it in the past, and these unfortunate cancelations have set the stage for this revival.

It has been over seven years since the last Titanfall entry was released. As a fan of the series, nothing would make me happier than knowing EA is finally reviving the IP.

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