EA’s Canceled Star Wars Mandalorian Featured Fast-Paced Combat Like Doom

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Mandalorian Game Had So Much Potential!

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  • An insider has revealed details about EA’s canceled Star Wars Mandalorian title from the Titanfall studio.
  • It offered a blend of linear story elements with exploration for varied gameplay.
  • The game focused on dynamic movement using the Mandalorian jetpack.
  • This report makes it clear that the game had a lot of potential.

New details about Star Wars Mandalorian have emerged, offering insights into the game’s potential.

According to Insider Gaming, the canceled Star Wars Mandalorian game by Respawn Entertainment promised a fast-paced, action-packed experience within the Star Wars universe.

Why it matters: The Star Wars Mandalorian’s exclusive details provide intriguing insights into what could have been. Game studios are undergoing challenging times, as even large corporations such as EA are not immune to facing layoffs.

Insider Gaming was the first to break news of the project last month.

Unfortunately, EA has already scrapped the project amid its shift from licensed IPs. According to the latest report, players would step into the shoes of a Mandalorian bounty hunter, venturing across the galaxy in search of lucrative bounties.

The game’s core mechanics centered around a central hub called ‘The Den,’ serving as the player’s base of operations. Players could manage their equipment within the hub, select bounties, and upgrade their arsenal before taking up bounty contracts.

Unlike traditional open-world games, the Mandalorian offered a mixture of linear-level design and massive open areas for exploration. The gameplay emphasized fast-paced combat, leveraging the Mandalorian’s iconic jetpack for vertical and horizontal maneuvers.

Encounters with enemies, primarily stormtroopers, were lively and challenging, featuring various enemy types such as regular infantry, snipers, and heavy units. Star Wars Mandalorian also had several boss-like encounters, including iconic foes like AT-ST walkers.

No two missions were the same, either. Each planet and its environment present unique challenges, such as rival bounty hunters and outlaw dens. The game was designed so the players would feel right in the thick of the Star Wars underworld.

Even though the title never made it to players’ hands, it had a promising vertical slice. Various missions were also completed, but Star Wars Mandalorian was still early in development.

Star Wars The Mandalorian EA Concept Art
Star Wars Mandalorian Concept From EA Developer

Star Wars Mandalorian was in the works for current-gen platforms. The game aimed to make the most of the latest hardware to offer players a visually impressive and fun experience.

While the specific reasons behind the cancellation remain unclear, reports point towards financial constraints. The cancellation of Respawn’s project was a letdown for both developers and fans who were anticipating its launch.

Despite receiving positive feedback from playtesters and Respawn’s internal teams, EA decided to pull the plug due to concerns about potential financial risks. The cancellation of the Star Wars Mandalorian is a blow to Star Wars fans.

Yet, it underscores how game development is always changing. While some projects don’t make it, new ones step up. The future of Star Wars gaming still looks promising, with a third Star Wars Jedi game being in development.

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