Steam Sets New Record With 34 Million Concurrent Users In 2024

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New All-Time High As Steam Continues Domination!

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  • Steam just hit 34 million concurrent users for the first time in 20 years.
  • The platform also saw 11 million players active in-game.
  • This record makes it the undisputed PC gaming leader yet again.

Steam has ruled over PC gaming for 20 years, and the platform is on its way to becoming bigger than ever in 2024.

While competitors like Epic Games have made various attempts to break Valve’s hold on the platform, Steam continues to grow. Three months into 2024, the platform has broken another record, reaching 34 million concurrent users.

Why it matters: Valve has built a solid reputation among audiences, making it hard for PC gamers to move away from this storefront.

Steam 34 Million Users
Steam Concurrent Users via SteamDB

On March 2, Valve’s platform hit 34,298,950 peak concurrent users. This is the first time Steam has reached 34 million users, with recent peaks hovering close to this mark.

Last year, the platform set a new record with 32 million concurrent users. Therefore, Valve has set another record in a single year, showcasing unprecedented growth despite the gaming industry’s tendency to show stalled growth recently.

In 2024, Steam saw games like Palworld and Helldivers 2. The former is also this platform’s second-biggest game by concurrent players now, beating Valve’s own free-to-play Counter-Strike 2.

Elsewhere, the company’s decision to join the handheld race has contributed to this growth. The Steam Deck has become the handheld of choice for millions across the globe, adding an element of simplicity to PC gaming, often considered too complex by console gamers.

Baldur's Gate 3 Steam
Steam’s Biggest Games In 2023 via Baiisun

In 2024, it is clear that Valve stands tall as the PC market leader. As interest in PC gaming grows, Steam has continued to benefit from a larger audience, culminating in record figures for the platform.

According to SteamDB, of the 34 million users, over 11 million players were active in-game when this peak was recorded.

With titles like Elden Ring, Palworld, Helldivers 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, and more currently attracting hundreds of thousands of players, PC gaming has something for everyone, and Steam is at the forefront of these experiences.

Featured Image Credit: PCGamer

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