PS VR2 In Limbo As PlayStation Gives Up On VR In Just 1 Year

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Sony's VR Developers Heavily Impacted By Layoffs!

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  • Sony seems to have given up on the PS VR2.
  • It was released nearly one year ago, and the lack of available games is very concerning.
  • PlayStation has shut down a major studio responsible for creating VR games, while another first-party VR team has faced massive layoffs.

PlayStation VR2 was supposed to be the next revolution in VR console gaming. Sony even marketed it as a next-gen product with enhancements in almost every aspect compared to the original.

However, a year later, PlayStation seems to have given up on the headset. 

Why it matters: The PS VR2 was Sony’s biggest hardware release last year after the gaming giant invested time and effort into this segment of the market.

PlayStation VR2
PSVR2 Design, Credits: Sony

While fans expected Sony to enhance its VR output with new games, things have taken a turn for the worse. The recent PlayStation layoffs led to the full closure of PlayStation London Studio, along with multiple layoffs at Firesprite.

Both teams focused on VR gaming. This means that the current content drought will only get worse. Meanwhile, PlayStation recently revealed PC support for the headset, which was seen as an unexpected move.

Sony launched the PS VR2 with a ton of titles. This gave fans hope for a more ambitious headset than the first iteration, but it seems PlayStation has not kept up support with the same enthusiasm.

Apart from Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Gran Turismo 7, the PS VR2 lacks a definitive offering, and future games have given little reason to be excited. Certain developers have even claimed on Reddit that they can’t justify PS VR2 ports.

Analysts say the headset likely sold 1 million units during the launch year. 600K of those figures came within the first six weeks, but Sony reportedly missed its shipments target for the year.

The gaming giant is said to have made 2 million units for the first year, but it ended up selling half of those.

Original PlayStation VR Headset

There is no denying the impressive aspects of the PS VR2. It doesn’t lack in terms of hardware, but Sony bit off more than it could chew. With the gaming giant currently struggling with profits in the console space, VR appears to have taken a backseat.

PC support could help PlayStation make up for the recent loss of momentum, but the real problem for the PS VR2 is the lack of games. As it stands, the headset is far too limited and expensive when competitors like the Meta Quest 3 exist.

Featured Image Credit: Triyansh Gill

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