Starfield Comparison With 2022 Footage Highlights Possible Graphics Downgrade

Worse Facial Models!

The latest Starfield footage looks extremely impressive. From the game’s incredible scope to the several nuanced gameplay mechanics, fans have found much to like about Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming title.

While the game appears to have taken a massive step forward in parts like the first-person gameplay, visual comparisons are less favorable for Starfield.

Why it matters: Graphical downgrades are not new to the gaming industry. Previously, games like Watch Dogs became infamous for launching with several downgrades, and fans are always disappointed when a similar example comes up.

As seen above, various shots in the game look worse than last year’s build of Starfield.

The character models have taken a massive hit, looking significantly worse than before. A huge difference is immediately apparent between the eyes and hair quality, with the 2022 build looking much better.

In other places, the game seems to have gone through a change in lighting. A comparison from the video shows that lighting can look flatter with less detailed shadows. This takes away from the overall atmosphere during gameplay.

However, it is also important to note that many of these shots are not direct comparisons. It is also possible things like the lighting changed due to an artistic choice instead of a technical downgrade.

Nonetheless, the 2022 screenshot appears more appealing.

Starfield Graphical Downgrade

Starfield is expected to be the most polished release from Bethesda Game Studios, coming with the lowest number of bugs from the developer. However, the game has also made some compromises.

Recently, Todd Howard confirmed the game would run at 30FPS on both Xbox consoles. Therefore, the developer may have needed to make graphical sacrifices to achieve a playable frame rate.

Nonetheless, Starfield is shaping up to be a contender for Game of The Year in 2023. Despite a potential downgrade to graphics, the gameplay and scope appear to be miles ahead of recent releases in the industry.

With just a few months before the game’s release, fans worldwide are looking forward to the title. This anticipation has also led to a petition, with PS5 owners demanding the game on their platform of choice.

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Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash Jaisrani
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