Microsoft Reportedly Believes Xbox Series X Is A Mid-Gen Refresh

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Xbox Series X Is The PS5 Pro Rival!

Unlike recent console generations, the previous generation from Sony and Microsoft was the only one to receive a mid-generation refresh. This included the Xbox One X from Microsoft and PS4 Pro from Sony.

Moving away from this trend, it looks like Microsoft has no plans to launch a more powerful Xbox console, and the manufacturer deems the Xbox Series X a refresh to its low-end Xbox Series S console.

Why it matters: While the Xbox Series X and PS5 are powerful consoles, they can struggle to achieve 60FPS at 4K resolution. This has led to demand for a mid-gen refresh.

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During Digital Foundry’s weekly podcast, the team discussed a potential refresh for Xbox consoles. According to John Linneman, Microsoft discussed this topic during the reveal of the Xbox Series S|X consoles.

He said:

“Microsoft told us the Series X is their mid-gen refresh. They just decided to do it ahead of time.”

While Microsoft may not be planning a refresh, plans over at Sony are completely different. According to reliable reports, the manufacturer is already working on the PS5 Pro.

However, the Xbox Series X is already more powerful than the PS5. While the PS5 offers plenty of hardware capabilities, Microsoft’s console takes the lead for more powerful hardware.

The launch of a more powerful console would make sense from the current requirements of AAA games. The Xbox Series X and PS5 come equipped with more powerful hardware compared to their predecessors, but the performance of current generation consoles is still lacking for native 4K gaming.

Most of the titles running on these consoles offer a compromise between a higher resolution or a 60FPS experience. Therefore, a generation refresh would make sense to offer users more horsepower.

Despite the benefits of a mid-gen refresh, it looks like the Xbox Series X is going to stay the main Xbox console for this generation.

This could mean that Sony will have the upper hand in terms of specifications with the PS5 Pro, but the Xbox Series X will continue to be an impressive console for its $500 price point.

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