Starfield To Support Cross Saves Between Xbox Series S|X And PC

Xbox Play Anywhere Compatible!

Starfield is coming next month. Fans of Bethesda Game Studios have waited several years for the developer’s most ambitious project, and the game is quickly reaching the end of its development.

With Starfield coming out in September, many are looking to pick a platform to get lost in the massive RPG. The Xbox Series S|X offers a more affordable option locked at 30FPS, but higher-end PCs will offer a higher resolution and 60FPS support.

Users can also pick both options, actively switching between the two. According to the Xbox website, Starfield will support cross saves between PC and Xbox Series S|X.

Why it matters: This feature has become a staple of first-party Xbox games. However, there was some doubt about Starfield potentially skipping it due to the lack of the Xbox Play Anywhere tag on its store page.

Starfield Xbox Series S|X PC Play Anywhere Cross Save
Source: Xbox

The game’s store page highlights features like optimization for both Xbox consoles. It has also been updated to state that Starfield supports Xbox Play Anywhere.

This means that users can play the game on their consoles or PC. When switching platforms, the game will not require a fresh playthrough, and users can pick up right where they left off, even if the platform is changed.

Xbox Play Anywhere allows more versatility for players. With options like cloud gaming, players should be able to enjoy Starfield even if their console or PC is busy or unavailable.

Due to Xbox Play Anywhere, users buying the digital copy will get access to the game on PC and consoles. However, the feature does not apply to users looking to purchase the physical copy.

It is also very handy for Xbox users with handhelds like the Logitech G Cloud, allowing them to take games on the go and play with existing save files.

Starfield is a massive game and arguably the most important Xbox first-party title over the last few years. Therefore, it is unsurprising that it contains the complete package of Xbox features.

The game is coming out on September 6, and each new piece of information has led to increasing anticipation for Bethesda Game Studios’ latest title.

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