Sea of Thieves Initial Reviews on PS5 Extremely Positive

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Sea of Thieves Came A Long Way With 88/100 Score!

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  • Sea of Thieves has received highly positive initial reviews on PS5.
  • This score shows just how much the game has evolved compared to its launch on Xbox.
  • Rare’s PlayStation port is also solid, contributing to the review scores.

Metacritic has just received the first wave of Sea of Thieves reviews on PS5. To nobody’s surprise, the game has been an immediate hit, with various reviewers giving it scores in the 90s.

Why it matters: Sea of Thieves boasts a massive community of 40 million players. The game was also showing signs of a massive PS5 release before launch, so these reviews are encouraging for everyone who pre-ordered this title.

Sea of thieves metacritic
Sea of Thieves on PS5 has received a solid score on Metacritic

At the time of writing, Sea of Thieves has received its first six reviews on Metacritic. The average score sits at 88/100, which is a major step up over the original Xbox score of 69/100.

This score does not mean one version is drastically better than the other. Rather, it shows just how far Rare has come with Sea of Thieves’ live service elements. The game was fairly barebones at launch.

However, the benefits of live-service gaming are on full display here. Thanks to the many updates and content releases, this title has transformed into a completely different experience today.

Meanwhile, the PS5 port is worthy of praise in its own right. Overall, Rare has impressed critics, making this release one of 2024’s highest-rated so far. We expect it to continue holding a strong average once more reviews are published.

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves excels in ship combat.

Reviewers have praised the sheer amount of content that Sea of Thieves has to offer for new players. There is a lot of variety on offer, making exploration, quests, and co-op a joy to experience.

Moreover, elements like cross-play are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, making it easy to link up with friends and enjoy a grand adventure across the beautifully stylized world of this live service release.

It’ll be interesting to see where Xbox will go from here.

Following this launch, the gaming giant has received a clear message. The PlayStation fandom is willing to buy the best of Microsoft’s catalogue, so this may become a precedent for even more games heading to the platform.

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