Sea of Thieves Is So Popular On PS5 That Its Servers Can’t Handle Demand

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PlayStation Fans Love Sea of Thieves!

Story Highlights
  • The demand for Sea of Thieves’ PS5 Beta has broken the game’s servers.
  • The developers state that it is going through high volumes of players.
  • Sea of Thieves is shaping up to be a major live-service hit on the platform.

Once an Xbox exclusive, Sea of Thieves has made its way over to PlayStation 5 as a part of Microsoft’s multiplatform strategy. The title only just entered its Closed Beta, and the engagement is already impressive.

Following its position as the most pre-ordered PlayStation game, the sheer volume of PlayStation users looking to play the Beta has led to crashing servers.

Why it matters: This release could set a new precedent, forcing Microsoft to acknowledge the importance of PlayStation as a platform moving forward.

It is important to note that the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta is available only to those who pre-ordered the game. Therefore, it is clear that pre-orders are far higher than what Rare had expected.

The Closed Beta will only run till April 15. According to the official social media account, the current demand means that many players may go through excessive waiting times as the team comes to terms with the sudden interest.

It appears PlayStation users have gravitated toward this adventure ahead of its official launch. In the future, Rare should be better equipped to handle the load on release day after its experience with the Closed Beta.

The team now understands that there is no shortage of Sea of Thieves fans on PlayStation. Similarly, the rest of Xbox’s games appear to be doing well on the platform.

Sea of Thieves
Naval Combat in Sea of Thieves Is Exhilarating

The pirate game will soon be one of the four major Xbox games on the PS5.

This move showcases a huge shift in Microsoft’s policies, which previously wanted to keep its titles to itself. Moreover, hints suggest more ports could arrive after these four games.

Since reports suggest Sea of Thieves is more or less a test for Microsoft’s third-party strategy, it seems inevitable for more first-party titles to follow.

The game is topping pre-order charts, reaching server limits during the Closed Beta, and already has quite a large fanbase. When put together, it seems this live-service title has the perfect recipe for Xbox’s first multiplatform hit in 2024.

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