Fallout 4 Returns With 35K Steam Players First Time Since 2018

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Thanks To The Smash Hit TV Show!

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  • The Fallout TV show just debuted to excellent reviews.
  • Following this success, the latest mainline entry is going through a major resurgence.
  • Both Fallout 4 and 76 have reached new engagement and player count records.

Fallout 4 is one of the most popular Bethesda RPGs. Thanks to a fairly mature modding scene and the Bethesda charm, this game continues to find thousands of players nearly nine years after its release.

The franchise has also been introduced to new audiences thanks to a brand-new TV adaptation recently. Following the TV series, Fallout 4 is exploding in popularity.

Why it matters: Fallout 4 initially debuted nine years ago. However, it currently has more players than many of the latest releases.

Fallout 4 Steam Concurrent Player Count
Fallout 4 Steam Concurrent Player Count via SteamDB

According to SteamDB, the game reached more than 35K concurrent players within the last 24 hours. Such player counts are unprecedented for Fallout 4, even though the RPG typically reaches thousands of players each day.

In fact, this is Fallout 4’s highest player count since 2018. Similar player counts were last recorded in the latter half of 2018, marking a remarkable comeback for the IP. Much of the current popularity is a direct result of the TV show.

Amazon’s Fallout adaptation has impressed many viewers who would not typically play such RPGs. The TV show has even impressed series creator Tim Cain, who was fond of the high-quality visuals on display.

A similar pattern was seen after last year’s The Last of Us adaptation debuted, which led to a direct sales boost for the games. Another reason for Fallout 4’s popularity is its current price.

Bethesda has discounted the RPG across all platforms, inviting players to explore this post-apocalyptic world after the TV show garnered interest. The game can be purchased for as low as $5 at the time of writing.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4 Will Soon Support Ultrawide Displays on PC

Meanwhile, Fallout 76, the live-service game home to millions of gamers, is doing better than ever. According to Circana, the title has reached new engagement records on consoles since 2022. Overall, the franchise finds itself in a strong position.

Fallout 4 is set to receive a next-gen update this month. Capitalizing on the current excitement, Bethesda appears to have picked the perfect opportunity to release this update.

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