GTA 6 Fanatics Willing To Spend Way Over $70 For The Game

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"I'd Pay $150 If I Needed To"

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  • GTA 6 fans have discussed the game’s potential price.
  • Most seem to be willing to spend more than $70 for the game.
  • Some even claim that they would spend twice as much on the title.

While Rockstar has not confirmed when GTA 6 will arrive in 2025, it is still the most anticipated title in the gaming industry. With the industry shifting toward $70 pricing, the game is expected to follow suit.

However, Take-Two has thrown around the idea of increasing prices further. Fans recently discussed a potential future where GTA 6 costs more than $70, but it seems most do not mind paying more than this price for the game.

Why it matters: The debate of game pricing is never-ending. Ultimately, the industry’s willingness to pay more is the primary reason that publishers typically get away with charging more.

Would you buy GTA 6 if it’s worth more than 70$?
byu/Joebebs inGTA6

Fans recently took to Reddit and discussed GTA 6’s launch price.

While the game is unlikely to cost more than $70, fans state they would buy it regardless. The top replies all seem to agree, stating that they are confident GTA 6 will be worth whatever price Rockstar Games asks.

I’d pay 150 if I needed to. You need to know what value you’re getting for your money.


Fans compared GTA 6 to titles like Fifa, which are released every year with minor changes. They state that if the industry is ready to pay $70 for such games, GTA 6 can justify a $150 asking price.

In extreme cases, certain users agreed to spend $200, citing similar reasons. However, there is still a small minority that does not find this idea amusing, stating that the GTA name alone does not justify such obscene prices.

Fans also argued that inflation will be even worse by the time GTA 6 launches. If the game gets delayed into 2026, Rockstar Games could price it higher than $70, starting a new trend.

GTA 6 Will Be Highly Ambitious

Ultimately, while Rockstar Games can charge as much as it likes, the studio is unlikely to deviate from industry trends. GTA 6 is expected to break records industry-wide, so the team hardly needs to increase prices.

There is also an argument to be made for fans setting themselves up for disappointment. With many believing the game will be good enough to justify a $150-200 purchase, they might not enjoy the final product as much as they hope.

GTA 6 is currently set to enter its final stretch. The game is on track for a 2025 launch, and a new trailer is expected in the coming months.

If Rockstar Games is confident about meeting the 2025 target, pre-orders could be opened up for the game in less than a full year. Therefore, fans won’t be waiting too long to find out the actual price.

If we had to bet, we would say that a $70 launch is a sound estimate, considering the studio can just charge more for a Deluxe or Collector’s Edition. It is also important to note that GTA Online will be the developer’s main cash cow moving forward.

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