Rise of the Ronin: Team Ninja Sets Target For 5 Million Sales

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Team Ninja Setting High Target For Latest Game!

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  • Rise of the Ronin is releasing in just two days, and Team Ninja’s parent company has high expectations for it.
  • Koei Tecmo states that the game is expected to sell 5 million units.
  • This is an ambitious target since Team Ninja games historically struggle to sell this many copies.

Rise of the Ronin, a game inspired by Ghost of Tsushima, is among the biggest releases of March. The Souls-like is set to challenge Dragon’s Dogma 2 this month as both games clash on the same day.

While fans have been debating the outdated graphics and shaky frame rate, Rise of the Ronin has enticed audiences through its art direction and combat. Team Ninja is also setting expectations high, with Koei Tecmo confirming ambitions to sell 5 million units.

Why it matters: PlayStation has helped Team Ninja market its latest release. With Sony’s excellent track record in marketing, this milestone could be achievable.

Rise of the Ronin
Rise of the Ronin Arrives on March 22

Koei Tecmo is Team Ninja’s parent company, and its official website reveals an interesting insight into the target for the release.

The Priority Goals section lists a ‘5 million package game (new IP).’ While this doesn’t directly mention Rise of the Ronin, it is safe to assume that this is the game being referred to.

Fans may wonder why Koei Tecmo lists such a modest target. AAA games developed by reputable studios sell millions of copies, so the target here seems underwhelming.

However, this goal is optimistic for a Team Ninja release. Its past games have taken several years to reach close to 5 million units. For example, the original Nioh achieved 3 million sales in around three years.

Similarly, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty reached 5 million players recently. However, it was part of Game Pass, and the player metric suggests that the official sales figures were nowhere near 5 million.

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Therefore, if Rise of the Ronin manages to sell 5 million copies, it will become the best-selling Team Ninja game in many years.

Overall, Koei Tecmo has set the bar high. Team Ninja is also taking a different approach, focusing more on the story elements compared to its past releases as it attempts to attract a broader audience.

If the combat ends up as good as it looks in the gameplay videos, and the art direction compensates for the less-than-stellar visuals, then we would not be shocked if this game ends up reaching this target.

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