Resident Evil 4 Struggles on iPhone 15 Pro At 720p With Drops To 20FPS

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Mobile Gaming Still Needs More Work!

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  • The iPhone 15 Pro is advertised as a capable gaming device by Apple.
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake is coming to the phone on 20 December, but initial testing is not promising.
  • With a low 1560×720 resolution and frame rate drops into the low 20s, the game struggles to run well.

Apple has joined the competitive gaming industry with its latest iPhone release. The new Pro series boasts capabilities of handling AAA games, with recent comparisons looking quite favorable for the mobile device in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is also headed to the iPhones. Ahead of the release, a preview from MrMacRight highlights performance and visual targets for the game, but the results are a bit disappointing.

Why it matters: With Apple hoping to make the iPhone 15 Pro the best gaming platform, the company is clearly far from achieving this goal.

YouTube video

On the iPhone, the game was tested at a resolution of 1560×720 with MetalFX upscaling.

The frame rate is limited to 30FPS on iOS, but this is good for the iPhone 15 Pro since it often fails to achieve this target. Looking at the analysis, things start well, with the less demanding scenes staying close to 30FPS with consistent frame pacing.

However, once the action gets going, the iPhone 15 Pro drops below 25FPS, with the frame times being all over the place. This makes the game difficult to play and can ultimately hinder the gameplay.

During the most intense parts, the game can drop as low as 20FPS. Aiming down sights with the sniper appears to produce a consistent drop in performance, leading to these moments of extremely poor results.

According to the video, Capcom has preconfigured graphics for the remake on iOS, leading to a console-like experience with fixed resolution and frame rate. This can be considered a downgrade from Resident Evil Village, which allowed tweaking of settings.

Still, a few options, like the motion blur and lens distortion, can be adjusted. Capcom also appears to have skipped ray tracing in this version despite Apple boasting ray tracing capabilities for its new chips.

Apple iPhone 15 Type C

One major culprit behind the disappointing performance seems to be the iPhone’s thermal management. It can get hot very quickly, leading to thermal throttling, which makes an already intense game more difficult to run.

While these results are not very encouraging, the iPad Pro M2 was able to run the game much better. With a higher resolution and more consistent performance, this would be the ideal way to play Resident Evil 4 for Apple users when the game launches on 20 December.

Featured Image Credit: IGN

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