GTA 6: $225 Scam Pre-orders of PC Version Being Sold Online

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Scammers Want To Cash On The Hype!

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  • GTA 6 scams are already gaining popularity after the official announcement of the game.
  • The alpha version is being advertised on YouTube.
  • Someone is selling the key to the PC version of GTA 6 for $225 on key reselling platforms.

After years of anticipation, the GTA 6 trailer was finally revealed by Rockstar Games two weeks ago. To nobody’s surprise, it became the most-liked trailer across games and movies, shattering multiple records.

While the developers have confirmed that it won’t be released before 2025, people are already being fooled into buying fake versions of the title. In addition to various scams, alpha versions of GTA 6 are being advertised on platforms like YouTube.

Why it matters: These scams are harmful in more ways than one. Not only do victims usually end up losing large sums of money, but they can also get infected, compromising data on their devices after installing the fake programs.

GTA 6 Alpha Version
Source:: Autoevolution

According to a report, false GTA 6 alpha version ads have made their way to YouTube. The promo shows the Rockstar Games logo with the text ‘play now,’ hoping to trick young users of the platform.

While most people are smart enough to understand this is nothing more than a scam, many children and older people could fall into this trap and lose money over this supposed alpha version.

Some might not believe scam ads exist on YouTube, but we advise our readers to report such ads and strictly refrain from downloading these games as they could potentially include malware and viruses.

In addition to the YouTube ads, sites like G2A are explicitly selling GTA 6. According to a listing on the website, the game can be purchased on PC for the ridiculous price of $225.

Even more surprising is the fact that the seller is rated at 99% positive feedback. Rockstar Games has already confirmed that GTA 6 is not coming to PC in 2025, so there is little doubt about the illegitimacy of this key.

GTA 6 Scam
Source: G2A

G2A is already quite questionable in its selling practices, so we recommend avoiding it, especially on this occasion. We hope that Rockstar Games will deal with these ads.

Since these scams take advantage of uninformed people excited about GTA 6, we fear this trend will only gain popularity as the official release draws nearer. Therefore, it is paramount for the studio to take action.

With GTA 6 coming in 2025, the game is two years away at most. After ten years of waiting, fans have been patient for a long while, and there is little reason to ruin this anticipation through such fraudulent ads this late into the waiting game.

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