GTA 6 Now Boasts Most Liked Trailer Across Games & Movies

GTA 6 Can't Be Stopped!

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  • Rockstar dropped the GTA 6 trailer on 5 December.
  • The trailer has been unstoppable, breaking records left and right.
  • GTA 6 has now become the biggest trailer across movies and games.

When Rockstar confirmed the GTA 6 trailer, everyone expected a groundbreaking announcement. Living up to expectations, the reveal quickly broke multiple Guinness World Records.

Ten days later, Rockstar’s video continues to grow. With over 10 million likes and nearly 150 million views, it has become the biggest trailer among movies and games.

Why it matters: These figures highlight that Rockstar is bigger than just the gaming industry, rivaling entertainment mediums like films, which are inherently open to bigger audiences.

As shared by Ben, the trailer is approaching 10.9 million likes. The current count means that it has outclassed the Bollywood movie Dil Bechara. This was the most-liked movie trailer, with 10,862,715 likes on YouTube.

However, everyone’s favorite Grand Theft Auto trailer now has 10,868,747 likes. Big films like Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man No Way Home are all well below 10 million likes, not even coming close to GTA 6.

Previously, the video held the record for gathering the most likes for a game trailer on YouTube. It also has the most views for any non-music video on the platform within 24 hours.

GTA 6 is returning to Vice City, and this setting has resulted in a wave of nostalgia for returning fans. The nostalgic setting and the studio’s reputation with recent games like GTA 5 have resulted in the perfect combination for an explosive reveal that is now breaking records.


The GTA 6 trailer has come over ten years after GTA 5. This decade-long anticipation was another major reason behind the excitement.

Nevertheless, we still have to hold our nerves as the game is coming in 2025. PC users need to wait even longer, with the game unlikely to arrive on the platform before 2026 or 2027.

In the coming days, fans can expect to hear more about this trailer.

The video will likely break 150 million views soon and reach 11 million likes. While it might not rival the most liked videos on the platform, future trailers could use the current anticipation to make even bigger records.

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