Sony Should Keep Original PSP Design If It Makes Another Handheld

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A Simple & Comfortable Experience!

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  • Thanks to its simple but comfortable layout, the PSP is one of the best handhelds ever released.
  • I think Sony should keep this design for the next console if it decides to make another handheld.
  • Recent rumors have been pointing toward a PSP successor, but there has been no official confirmation so far.

The PSP was one of the best handhelds ever released, enjoying massive commercial success and being ahead of its time. Unfortunately, Sony failed to recognize its potential and moved on from handhelds after the PS Vita bombed.

One remarkable feature of the PSP was its excellent design. It fit perfectly in the hands, was easy to carry around, and, despite having a smaller screen than most modern handheld devices, was ideal for its purpose.

I believe that if Sony ever decides to revive the PSP lineup, it should stick with the PSP’s original design due to its numerous advantages over modern-day handhelds. However, a few tweaks can be made for an even better experience since there is always room for improvement.

Why it matters: The PSP’s simple yet intricate layout gave it a timeless structure, offering a unique but comfortable experience.

Sony PSP
The PSP Was Always Ahead of Its Time | Image via Reddit

Combining Style & Substance

The PSP doesn’t overwhelm users with a plethora of buttons, featuring a simple layout similar to PlayStation controllers that is easily understandable. This layout is also perfect for the PSP’s size.

The analog stick aligns perfectly with the thumb, and the rest of the buttons are easily accessible. Some may not be fans of the original PSP’s chunky size, but this design contributes to its durability. Later models also made the console slimmer and more compact.

My PSP is still working fine despite suffering falls that would likely render many modern handhelds useless. Moreover, the original design holds emotional value, evoking nostalgia for many, including myself.

Sony PSP
The PSP Was Easy To Carry Due To Its Design

The Future of Sony’s Handhelds

Sony failed to realize the potential of the PSP because the PS Vita did not meet its expectations. This led Sony to overlook the PSP’s achievements, which sold over 80 million units worldwide.

There have been rumors about Sony working on a potential PSP successor, but nothing official has been announced. However, with the handheld market booming recently, this could very well become a reality.

Sony also made its return to handhelds with the PlayStation Portal last year. Though not a native handheld, it offers a similar experience as other handhelds while relying on cloud gaming.

This device sold surprisingly well and marks Sony’s promising return to handhelds. However, it looks downright poorly designed.

Sony seems to have mashed a tablet screen and a DualSense controller with the PlayStation Portal, so I’m hoping the gaming giant will have a more elegant design for its next handheld.

I’m still convinced that sticking to the PSP’s original design would be the best possible decision.

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