PlayStation Portable (PSP) Was Released 18 Years Ago Today In Japan

82+ million copies sold!

PlayStation Portable also known as PSP is a game console developed by Sony Entertainment. This console was first released in Japan on December 12th, 2004, and later on, it was released in North America and PAL Regions.

PSP is the first handled installment in the PlayStation line of consoles, and it has sold more than 82 million units making it the PlayStation’s most successful console of all time. 

The PSP was announced to be in development during E3 2003, and on May 11, 2004, the system was presented at a Sony press conference. As a seventh-generation console, the PSP competed with the Nintendo DS. As many competitors like Nokia’s N-Gage failed to challenge Nintendo DS then, only PlayStation Portable could compete against it. 

Not only did it compete with Nintendo, it truly threatened Nintendo’s line of consoles as PSP was the most powerful portable console at that time in terms of specifications. Still, it’s been 18 years since the console was launched in Japan, and it evokes nostalgia. Many of our gaming journeys may have started with this iconic PlayStation console.

Throughout its ten-year existence, the PSP sold over 80 million copies and was well-reviewed by critics. Before the PlayStation Vita debuted in Japan in 2011 and almost everywhere else a year later.

Now, we have monsters like the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, where the gaming experience is on the next level. Still, we couldn’t get the same vibe from the portable consoles then. On the other hand, it seems like handheld consoles are still very popular as Nintendo Switch sales were up by 175% in Uk during November alone. Moreover, Call of Duty is also coming on Nintendo Consoles.

What do you think of handheld consoles, especially PSP? Did you buy it when it was first released? Do you still have it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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