PlayStation Portal Demand Much Higher Than Expected, Says Sony

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Might Encourage Sony To Rejoin Handheld Market!

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  • PlayStation Portal sales are exceeding expectations, surprising even Sony.
  • Hiromi Wakai says the device is designed as a PS5 peripheral, not a replacement for PS Vita.
  • Sony is currently prioritizing increasing production to meet the high demand.

According to a recent interview with Sony’s VP of product management, Hiromi Wakai, the PlayStation Portal has been “exceeding expectations in terms of sales.”

The demand for the device has been so high that Sony is now focusing its efforts on shipping more units consistently.

Why it matters: Sony is rumored to be working on a PS Vita successor. The sudden success of this cloud-based handheld may be the reason behind PlayStation’s renewed interest in this market.

PlayStation Portal Exceeded Sony's Expectations
PlayStation Portal Is Doing Better Than Expected

Moreover, the product management VP says the Portal isn’t meant to replace the Vita. Instead, it’s designed to add to the PS5 gaming experience as a peripheral device. PlayStation has made similar statements in the past.

[PlayStation Portal] demand has continued to exceed our expectations.

-Hiromi Wakai

He also made it clear that no sales data is present just yet. It’s important to note that the Portal was sold out in the US and UK two weeks before it was even released.

Initially, Sony expected the PlayStation Portal to appeal to a niche audience of gamers with specific needs or preferences. However, since its launch in November 2023, the device has proven to be much more popular than anticipated.

Wakai speculates that this is due to positive word-of-mouth spreading among early adopters.

PlayStation Project Q-Lite Portal handheld Streaming Device PS5
PlayStation Portal Image via Sony

People who got it early liked how well it worked, especially if they had reliable home internet. However, concerns regarding lag on unstable networks surfaced, prompting some users to upgrade their internet connections.

The PlayStation Portal is a $200 handheld device that allows users to enjoy PlayStation games remotely. It features a built-in DualSense controller, a large and vibrant screen, and decent battery life.

The portable device has been praised for being the best PlayStation remote play solution yet, offering a seamless PS5 gaming experience over WiFi.

Although it’s mainly seen as a PS5 add-on, the sudden surge in demand for the PlayStation Portal has caused shortages in stores globally. Sony is ramping up production to keep up with the demand, with Wakai emphasizing that ensuring a steady supply is their main focus right now.

It’s fascinating to see the unexpected impact of the handheld on the community. Before its launch, Sony stated that it wasn’t developed to be profitable in any way. Yet, the device has managed to exceed their expectation in terms of sales.

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