PlayStation Portal Already Sold Out On Amazon US And UK

Also Out of Stock In Canada And Japan!

Story Highlights
  • The PlayStation Portal was previously sold out in Japan within one day.
  • A lack of stock on Amazon suggests high demand or limited supply.
  • Amazon has run out of the handheld in multiple regions.

Sony officially announced the PlayStation Portal for $200 in August. This price puts it at 50% of the price of the PS5 Digital Edition, but this has not stopped avid fans from buying it in massive numbers.

Soon after pre-orders went live, the PlayStation Portal was sold out at almost every Japanese retailer within the first 24 hours. With the device rapidly approaching its release, the PS5 add-on is now out of stock on Amazon US and UK.

Why it matters: This is a good sign for a device that many had written off after it was revealed to be a streaming handheld for the PS5.

Following the initial wave of pre-orders, the PlayStation Portal is now harder to find than before. Apart from Amazon US & UK, the handheld can no longer be bought on Amazon in countries like Canada or Japan.

While stock running out ahead of release suggests that there is a lot of demand for the PS5 add-on, Sony has likely limited the supply of the handheld due to its limited appeal. Still, the gaming giant will be glad with this reception.

When the PlayStation Portal was first revealed, it received criticism for its limited use cases. Many fans were hoping for a successor to the PSP or PS Vita, but Sony has made it clear that it does not want to compete with handhelds.

PlayStation Project Q-Lite Portal handheld Streaming Device PS5

The gaming giant is aware that the PlayStation Portal is designed for a small audience, recently claiming that it offers something unique for PlayStation fans. Therefore, this release is aimed at fans who are fully dedicated to PlayStation hardware and accessories.

The PlayStation Portal will be available from 15 November. Just before this launch, Sony will also release the new PS5 revision, making it a compelling offering for consumers to pick up both releases.

Following these releases, the console manufacturer is expected to return with more hardware in 2024, delivering the PS5 Pro for higher resolution and frame rates in current-generation titles.

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