PlayStation 5 Pro To Feature Liquid Cooling Tech; Coming In May 2023

PlayStation Pro Incoming

Having released just over two years ago, the PlayStation 5 has had a great run. Despite facing stock shortages for the better part of its current lifecycle, Sony’s latest console has already sold over 30 million units. However, PlayStation 5 availability has improved drastically, and the console is much easier to find now.

Previously, fans have discussed the possibility of another mid-gen refresh for the PlayStation 5 similar to the last Pro console. A reliable leaker has also talked about mid-gen PS5 devkits, but audiences continue to be skeptical about the reports. 

Another source has now talked about the potential upgrades, claiming that PlayStation 5 Pro may be coming before May 2023. 

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The leak also states that PlayStation 5 Pro will feature liquid cooling tech. For those unaware, the current PlayStation 5 model uses liquid metal to cool its powerful hardware. However, liquid cooling would be one step further for Sony and make sense for a Pro model.

Sony launched the PlayStation 4 Pro in 2016, three years after the PlayStation 4. With the PlayStation 5 approaching a similar timeframe in its lifecycle, it would make sense that 2023 might be the year of a new PS5 refresh. 

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are currently unable to reach the 4K 60fps benchmark. Newer and more capable hardware would allow the consoles to push beyond their current limitations, leading to a better gaming experience.

The PlayStation 4 launched with disappointing hardware making the Pro model more necessary. However, many have also argued that the PlayStation 5 is already capable enough and that a mid-gen refresh is unnecessary. Additionally, games have only just begun to scratch the surface of the current generation consoles, so a PlayStation 5 Pro may seem extreme to some.

In other news, a reliable leaker has also stated that Sony is gearing up to launch a disc accessory with a new model for the PlayStation 5. This would allow Sony to sell a Digital Console while allowing users to upgrade to the disc drive later.

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