Consoles have traditionally seen fixed hardware for their entire life cycles. While this has not prevented small changes between revisions, significant upgrades to hardware were not a thing until recently. In the last generation, Microsoft and Sony released more powerful consoles to target 4K console gaming.

Since then, fans have been curious about the possibility of another refresh for the new consoles. While the information on this topic has been limited, reputed leaker Tez2 has now claimed that most AAA studios should soon have access to mid-gen refresh dev kits

PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X Mid Gen Refresh
Source: GTA forums

While mid-gen upgrades made sense for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the new consoles are much more capable, to begin with. The last generation saw Sony and Microsoft using a weak CPU, effectively bottlenecking both consoles at release.

There was also a push for 4K gaming towards the latter part of the generation, forcing both companies to improvise with new hardware. However, both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles have proven capable.

The current generation has also suffered supply shortages, leading to many cross-gen titles. As such, it could be said that the consoles have not been adequately utilized yet. Given all of this information, a mid-generation upgrade seems to be an odd choice.

However, Sony and Microsoft could also utilize this opportunity to reduce prices for existing consoles. Big titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Starfield are set to release next year, and a cheaper cost to entry could help these games reach a wider audience.

The alleged upgraded models could bring native 4K/60 fps gameplay to home consoles. Both consoles need to rely on dynamic resolutions and upscaling methods to achieve 60 frames per second target. 

The leaker has a proven track record of being reliable in the past and claims to be sure about this information. However, it would still be wise to take this leak with a slight grain of salt.

PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X Mid Gen Refresh
Source: GTA forums

The PlayStation 5 has also recently seen a slight revision, reducing the console’s overall weight and shifting to a 6nm process node. However, not much has changed with the Xbox Series consoles. If the leaker is to be trusted in this instance, fans would be wise to wait for an even superior version of the console.

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