Armored Core 6 Developer To Host One-Hour Presentation On 3rd February

Expect Exclusive Gameplay Reveal

A new video published by Bandai Namco’s Japan channel announced that FROM Software’s marketing manager, Yasunori Ogura, will be present at Taipei Game Show 2023 on February 3 to give new details about Armored Core 6.

It is unknown if the gameplay of the game will be shown, but considering the length of the presentation, it most likely will.

Armored Core 6 FIRES OF RUBICON will offer a gameplay experience based on the knowledge of mech games that FromSoftware has cultivated over 25 years of game development in the series, but now introducing innovative gameplay found in the developer’s recent action games.

The new ARMORED CORE title will combine these elements in a fast-paced action that only mechas can offer. The game promises to be a unique entry into the genre of mech action games.

In Armored Core 6 FIRES OF RUBICON, players can move freely through massive three-dimensional environments with fast maneuverability while experiencing visceral vehicular combat.

The game’s design has the iconic hallmark of FromSoftware; the game will offer challenging and memorable battles, a satisfying progression system, and deep gameplay, now powered by mech assembly and combat against huge bosses.

Players will recognize the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when they overcome a difficult situation and savor momentary victory, and perhaps an increase in their position, before facing the next challenge. Below you can watch the reveal trailer showcasing the fantastic potential of this new game.

Are you excited about the 1-hour lengthy presentation from FROM Software? What are your expectations from this new iteration of the iconic franchise? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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