Nintendo Switch Pro Allegedly Launching Alongside PS5 Pro

New Nintendo Console Next Year?

The Nintendo Switch successor has been rumored for several years now. Following discussions about a more powerful Nintendo Switch, Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch OLED nearly two years ago, but this version came without significant hardware upgrades.

Another Japanese leaker and retailer has now mentioned the Nintendo Switch Pro, hinting it will launch close to the rumored PS5 Pro.

Nintendo Switch

The leaker implies that both Sony and Nintendo are gearing up to produce a large number of such consoles. However, the PS5 Pro is expected to launch in 2024, and this would mean that Nintendo will continue to support the Nintendo Switch for an extra year.

While the Switch is still going strong, the hardware has started to show its age, and it would be strange for Nintendo to rely on the same hardware till 2024. The console will also be seven years old by then.

The source may have also hinted that new Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Splatoon games will be released alongside the hardware. But this might be referring to ports for the latest games from these franchises.

A recent rumor about Nintendo’s follow-up to the Switch came from reliable leaker Jeff Grubb. He claimed that Nintendo would offer something between a Nintendo Switch Pro and a next-generation Nintendo console.

This led to speculation about previous Nintendo releases like the Game Boy handhelds. However, another leak from 4chan claims to reveal specifications for a Nintendo Switch 2, claiming that it will offer performance similar to PS4.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of conflicting information about Nintendo’s next console, and it would be best to wait for official announcements before jumping to any conclusion.

With the gaming industry rapidly moving to the new PS5 and Xbox Series S|X hardware, Nintendo will be quickly left behind with the current hardware.

Throughout the Nintendo Switch lifecycle, the console has enjoyed ports like Doom Eternal, The Witcher 3, and more. Third-party support has been one of the greatest assets of the Switch, and it will become increasingly difficult with the enormous gap between the Switch and current-generation consoles.

This might motivate Nintendo to release new hardware sooner rather than later, but the Nintendo Switch continues to do well, recently beating the PS5 in weekly sales in Japan.

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