Splinter Cell Battle Royale Reportedly Canceled By Ubisoft

Canceled Weeks Before Announcement!

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a highly beloved franchise from Ubisoft, with the last entry released in 2013. Fans of the game have eagerly awaited a new entry for years, but according to recent claims, a Splinter Cell project may have been canceled just a few weeks before its anticipated launch.

According to an alleged playtester, the new Splinter Cell project was called Splinter Cell: Hunters and was intended to be a battle royale game with PvPvE elements.

Splinter cell
Source: Ubisoft

The game featured Spy Operators, another name for classes, and they would have been tasked with killing four high-value targets while encountering up to 30 other players and AI enemies. Once the targets were eliminated, players would need to loot caches and extract from the map.

At the beginning of the game, players would have started with a knife. The game would also have featured outposts guarded by strong AI soldiers containing high-tier loot and weaponry.

The playtest featured only duos on a single map, “Washington DMZ.” Players in duos mode would have been able to execute Team Tactical moves, enabling them to perform tasks together, such as back-to-back wall climbing, boosted edge climbing, and silently making their way through doors guarded with high security.

Interestingly, when a spy operator died, they would respawn as a ‘Merc,’ an armored soldier at an outpost who would then be tasked with hunting down other spies, including their former teammate.

If the player succeeded in eliminating their teammate, they would then respawn as a spy again, but this time they would be grouped solo and marked as a ‘Traitor Spy.’ Based on the report, Splinter Cell: Hunters did not appear to rely on the typical battle royale gameplay mechanic where the last man standing would be victorious.

Instead, the game offered a more tactical experience where every move required caution.

The game seemed to have played more like an extraction shooter than a traditional battle royale game. According to sources, the last playtest of the game occurred in July 2022, and testers were told that the game would be launched in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, the game never saw the light of day. It is worth noting that this was not the only battle royale game Ubisoft was working on; they had previously canceled Ghost Recon: Frontline and multiple other unannounced projects.

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