PS5 Scalpers Drop Prices As They Struggle To Sell Consoles

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Scalpers In Trouble With PS5 Readily Available!

The PS5 was launched in late 2020 and saw much higher demand than the last-generation PlayStation console. This was due to the promise of next-gen gaming and the pandemic restrictions leading to more people showing interest in the gaming industry.

However, restrictions also led to poor supply for the gaming industry, and Sony failed to meet the increasing demand for the PS5 console. This led to scalping on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and more.

PS5 consoles were often sold for over double their $500 MSRP on these platforms. Many scalpers also employed bots to buy up the limited stock from Sony that was sold at MSRP during the shortages.

Over two years later, stock issues for the PS5 have been resolved. Consumers can now easily buy the console, which appears to be hurting the scalpers. As seen below, many scalpers are now dropping prices in an attempt to sell remaining PS5 consoles.

Don’t even feel a little bit bad for them
by u/PetiteCanadianMilf in playstation

The image shows a Facebook Marketplace listing for a PS5 at $400. This is 20% below the official price, and the scalper claims to have ordered plenty of stock beforehand, which is not being sold now.

Similar price reductions can be seen on eBay listings for the console. Typical prices currently start from $450. This is a considerable discount, considering many scalpers were asking over $1000 for the PS5 during the peak of the shortages.

Previously, many consumers needed to rely on signing up for a chance to buy the PS5 on platforms like Amazon and PlayStation Direct. This likely forced a few dedicated fans to give in to the scalpers, paying exorbitant prices for the console.

However, if this continues, scalpers are out of luck and will have no option but to sell the remaining PlayStation consoles at even lower prices.

Following the recent announcement about PlayStation availability, Sony has also seen a massive surge in sales, dominating the competition in various regions. Did you buy a PS5 during the shortages? Were you able to find one at MSRP? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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