Nintendo Switch Ends PS5’s 7 Week Sales Streak In Japan

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Nintendo Switch Back On Top!

Since PlayStation resolved the supply issues, the PS5 has found incredible success in Japan. The console has stayed on top of Japanese sales charts for several weeks, with the Nintendo Switch trailing behind at the second spot.

However, after seven weeks, the Nintendo Switch has managed to reclaim its former position, beating the PS5.

Nintendo Switch PS5 Japan Weekly Sales
Source: Famitsu

While the Nintendo Switch has not seen a massive boost in sales over previous weeks, PlayStation has seen a sharp decline in sales.

The Nintendo Switch sold a total of 49585 consoles, while the PS5 came in second with 40,411 units. The PS5 sold as many as 90K consoles just a few weeks ago. One reason for this decline could be the market adjusting after the initial period of high demand.

It is possible that previous weekly sales were driven by consumers who were most interested in buying the console. With this initial wave of high demand wearing off, the PS5 might settle at the numbers presented this week.

However, Sony has games like Final Fantasy 16 coming up in 3 months, which will likely provide another boost in sales. As for the Nintendo Switch, the hybrid console continues to impress with its consistent sales numbers.

The Nintendo Switch is over six years old, and the hardware has been showing signs of its age for a few years. However, this does not appear to bother many consumers.

Nintendo has also seen a solid start to 2023. Recent releases like Metroid Prime Remastered have received universal praise, with the game becoming the highest-rated 2023 release on Metacritic.

However, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is expected to be the biggest first-party game for the gaming giant this year. The anticipation surrounding the game should ensure that the Nintendo Switch continues to do well in the market as it competes with consoles like the PS5.

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