Nintendo Sues Yuzu Emulator After Zelda Was Pirated 1 Million Times

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Nintendo Begins Large Scale Emulation Crackdown!

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  • Nintendo has sued the Yuzu emulator for facilitating the piracy of Switch games.
  • The gaming giant is planning to shut down Yuzu completely.
  • Nintendo states that the latest Zelda title was illegally downloaded 1 million times before launch.

Nintendo is known to be extremely harsh and strict when it comes to pirating its games. The company has previously taken legal actions in such cases, with Gary Bowser ending up as a famous example of the gaming giant’s wrath.

Currently, Nintendo games can be emulated quite easily on PC. The company has now turned its attention toward the Yuzu emulator, suing it for facilitating piracy on a massive scale.

Why it matters: Nintendo has never taken the topic of emulators lightly since it has historically spoken out against this practice.

The company suggests that Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was pirated at least 1 million times before release.

Nintendo isn’t just pursuing this case for legal damages, but it is aiming to put Yuzu in the ground. The giant wants to permanently wipe Yuzu off the market as it aims to take away its URLs, domain names, chatrooms, and social media presence.

Nintendo also wants the rights to, possibly leading to Yuzu being permanently removed from the internet. Therefore, this is not an average case that can simply be based on allegations.

The company isn’t suing Yuzu by alleging that it has stolen game keys. That would be a direct allegation without basis, which might have given Yuzu a basis to countersue for defamation.

Instead, Nintendo is suing the emulator for facilitating piracy. Nintendo’s main claim is that Yuzu is providing detailed instructions on how to run the unlawful Switch games via the emulator.

Following that, it makes the confident claim that developers have extracted Switch games.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch OLED Console

Even if Nintendo asks to subpoena the required documents to connect the dots, the case might not be devastating for Yuzu. However, this sets a dangerous precedent for other emulators.

Previously, Nintendo got in the way of Dolphin’s anticipated Steam release. The gaming giant has shown no signs of stepping back from its pursuit of emulation companies.

Yuzu has been a popular emulator of choice for many. The Nintendo Switch is the only modern console that can be easily emulated on PC, so we expect its successor to come with more safety measures.

However, for the time being, Nintendo is looking to deal with existing emulators.

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