Hacker To Pay 25-30% Income To Nintendo For Hacking Consoles

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$14.5 Million In Charges!

Gary Bowser was a member of the famous hacking group Team Xecuter, notorious for creating mod chips and jailbreaking handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and PS Vita.

In 2020, the U.S. government launched a criminal prosecution against all three members of Team Xecuter. However, Gary Bowser was the only team member that was arrested.

He was sentenced to over 40 months just over a year ago but was recently released from prison in late March due to good behavior. Gary Bowser is currently at a Detention Center in Washington, undergoing processing before returning to his homeland in Canada.

However, Gary Bowser still has another sentence to pay. Bowser has been sentenced to pay $14.5 Million in damages to Nintendo, to which he agreed. In an interview with NickMoses05, Bowser claimed that he has only managed to pay Nintendo $175 working from his job in prison.

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Bowser says that he and Nintendo agreed that he would have to pay them 25-30% of his income until he can clear off his debts. He said:

“The maximum (Nintendo) can take is between 25 percent and 30 percent of your monthly gross income.”

“I have up until, like, six months before I have to start making payments.”

He would have to earn around $40 Million, excluding taxes, to pay back Nintendo. Given that Gary Bowser is 53 years old, it is doubtful that he will be able to completely pay off his debts to Nintendo.

However, money isn’t Nintendo’s goal. As revealed earlier in a transcript from 2022, Nintendo lawyer Ajay Singh said that this was a unique opportunity for Nintendo to send a message about piracy.

While working as a salesperson for Team Xecuter for over seven years, Gary Bowser confessed to making over $300,000. Max Louarn, the alleged mastermind behind the team, is wanted by the FBI, and it is believed that he helped the company make millions.

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