New Death Stranding 2 Gameplay Footage Expected Soon

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Another Look At Death Stranding 2 Teased!

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  • Hideo Kojima has teased that he will be making an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show.
  • Since Death Stranding 2 was last seen at the beginning of 2024, a new gameplay trailer will likely debut at the Tokyo Game Show.
  • Kojima has other projects in the works, including OD with Xbox and Physint with PlayStation.

The upcoming Tokyo Game Show is set to be an exciting event. With the news that PlayStation will be attending the event as an exhibitor for the first time since 2019, Hideo Kojima is set to make an appearance, too.

Why it matters: The last look at Death Stranding 2 came at February’s State of Play with comprehensive gameplay. This footage will be nearly a full year old by the time Tokyo Game Show arrives.

Death Stranding 2 looked exceptional in the first gameplay trailer.

Kojima recently posted the Tokyo Game Show poster on X/Twitter, hinting at an appearance at the event. This teaser is interesting, considering he has many games in development. While Physint and OD are very far from release, Death Stranding 2 is arriving next year.

Therefore, Hideo Kojima and PlayStation’s appearance at the Tokyo Game Show nearly guarantees a new look at Death Stranding 2. In traditional Hideo Kojima fashion, we can expect a massive trailer with various pieces of gameplay.

Earlier this year, he previewed a nearly 10-minute-long trailer that showed the gameplay, narrative, visuals, and more. Something similar may arrive at the Tokyo Game Show, with the potential for a release date reveal.

Death Stranding 2: On The Beach
Death Stranding 2: On The Beach will introduce new characters, terrains, and more.

Kojima has also stated that Death Stranding 2 graphics will improve even further, and we are all for it. The game is said to be in the polishing phase, making a new look even more likely.

As for OD in collaboration with Xbox and Physint from PlayStation, both titles are likely to show up at Xbox and PlayStation’s own events rather than Tokyo Game Show.

Death Stranding 2, from the gameplay so far, seems to dial up the scope of the original by quite a lot. It surely looks like a promising release and new gameplay could create further excitement for the title.

With 2025 already looking like an excellent year for gaming, all eyes are on Hideo Kojima to deliver on all fronts.

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