AMD Expected To Debut Curve Shaper For More Efficient Overclocking

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Launching Alongside Ryzen 9000 CPUs!

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  • AMD is expected to debut Curve Shaper with the Ryzen 9000 series soon.
  • Curve Shaper will serve as an extension of Curve Optimizer, allowing settings for low, medium, and high temperatures.
  • AMD has yet to unveil the technology officially.

AMD has been on a roll since introducing Zen architecture in 2017. Since then, multiple generations of processors have been released, and each new generation continues to introduce various useful features.

According to a new report, the company is set to introduce Curve Optimizer alongside the Ryzen 9000 chips.

Why it matters: This tool will further enhance AMD Ryzen’s already impressive slate of overclocking features.

1usmus, a third-party Ryzen tuning software developer has leaked this information ahead of the official announcement. He states that Curve Shaper will improve frequency and power consumption.

As the name implies, Curve Optimizer enables us to optimize the frequency/voltage curve, meaning we can reach the maximum frequency and lowest voltage at each point along the curve.

The community embraced this method when it first arose because of its efficiency and simplicity. The Clocktuner and Hydra developer tweeted a method for determining the Curve Optimizer settings all the way up to -30.

We will be able to set up this frequency curve under low, medium, and high-temperature scenarios with Curve Shaper. This is crucial because we can prevent a CPU from operating at high frequencies when there is little to no strain on it.

On the other hand, even though achieving higher frequencies may result in higher temperatures, we want to do this if using all processing capabilities is necessary.

If you want to use Curve Shaper, it will be included in Curve Optimizer. It will also include other features like Precision Boost Overdrive.

You don’t have to download third-party programs, as they will all be available in software like AMD’s Ryzen Master. However, if you want further options, it will also be included in Hydra with version 1.7 when Zen 5 CPUs launch.

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