Ubisoft Is Trying To Push NFTs In Gaming Again

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Ubisoft Planning Another Massive NFT Project!

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  • Ubisoft has finally given an update on last year’s revealed game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles.
  • The game is based on NFTs, and Ubisoft will push NFTs again due to a new partnership.
  • This partnership could become controversial as fans claim it to be another cash grab from the studio.

Ubisoft’s interest in NFTs has long disappointed its fandom, and it doesn’t seem to be learning from its mistakes. The latest controversy also concerns Assassin’s Creed Shadows, with Japanese fans being unhappy about the game.

Ubisoft continues to show interest in NFTs and Blockchain gaming, but it is receiving criticism from audiences. It seems the publisher is pushing this technology again with a new partnership based entirely around NFTs.

Why it matters: The buzz around NFTs is long gone, and it never really got its place in the gaming industry.

Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles
Ubisoft Showed A First Look At Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles Last Year

Ubisoft previously revealed Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, but it went silent about the project soon afterward. In a press release, Double Jump.Tokyo revealed that it has partnered with Ubisoft to add Web3 mechanics to last year’s revealed Champions Tactics.

This game is described as an RPG with PVP mechanics that unlocks champions based on the NFTs.

“Ubisoft empowers us to continue our unwavering pursuit of delivering exceptional games to communities while accelerating the worldwide adoption of web3 gaming technology.”

-Double Jump.Tokyo

Double Jump.Tokyo has claimed that joining forces with Ubisoft has marked a significant milestone for the company and that it will help them accelerate the implementation of Web3 mechanics into games.

This may upset many fans who were already against Ubisoft’s interests in this technology. Last year, 9999 Warlords NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain were released for this upcoming game.

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They were free to get and were basically the tickets for the game’s playable characters. Now, the Double Jump.Tokyo’s Oasys Layer 2 HOME Verse blockchain will give players three champions for free.

The offer will be available on July 18, but it serves as an invitation for players to join the RPG since they need three champions in a squad to play against other players. Of course, each champion brings a different ability, so players are bound to spend time in this game.

We can already see it being filled with microtransactions and other paid purchases, as Ubisoft didn’t leave Assassin’s Creed Shadows, a single-player game, out of this practice. The publisher has been receiving a lot of criticism, and its latest move is unlikely to make fans feel any better.

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