MSI Teases New Gaming Handheld; Reveal Coming CES 2024

MSI Joining Handheld Gaming Market!

Story Highlights
  • Last year, Asus and Lenovo introduced their gaming handhelds.
  • MSI seems to be the latest company competing in the handheld sector.
  • A new post on Instagram shows a few glimpses of this handheld, teasing more information for CES 2024.

Handheld gaming became quite popular in the industry in 2023. With the Nintendo Switch selling over 132 million units and Valve introducing the Steam Deck OLED, this segment is going through rapid changes very frequently.

Last year, Asus and Lenovo joined the market with their Windows-based gaming handhelds. Days into 2024, MSI has begun teasing a new handheld gaming device.

Why it matters: Another handheld has the potential to change the market, promoting healthy competition and innovation.

MSI has showcased its new handheld device in a short teaser on Instagram. While not much has been revealed in the short video, some glimpses of the design are visible through the teaser.

Like the Asus Rog Ally, this handheld seemingly features RGB backlit thumbsticks and a sleek design. Still, this leaves the questions of the internal hardware unanswered.

Going by the landscape of modern handhelds, we can expect an RDNA 3 GPU and a Zen 3/Zen 4 CPU to power this new handheld. A high-refresh-rate OLED display would also be nice, though MSI might skip this one to keep costs low.

The teaser confirms more information will be revealed at CES 2024, which is scheduled for 9 January. Alongside MSI, Nvidia and AMD will be present at the event, with the former highlighting the GeForce RTX 40 Super series.

Steam Deck

Despite the promising teaser, the question about MSI’s position in the gaming industry remains. The likes of Steam Deck, Rog Ally, and the Legion GO have established themselves as dominant forces in the market.

Therefore, matching up to their position might be challenging for the time being. However, we believe there is always room for more competition in this evolving part of the industry.

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting time to be a fan of handhelds in general. Nintendo is also expected to bring its own handheld to the market this year, although analysts predict it won’t be much of a revolution compared to the existing Switch.

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