Modern Warfare 3 Players Requesting Refunds After Poor Campaign

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Steam Accepting Refunds After 4 Hours Too!

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  • Modern Warfare 3 has a much shorter campaign than recent Call of Duty games.
  • Players are asking for a refund on Steam after playing the single-player campaign.
  • Steam is accepting refunds for those with more than 2 hours of playtime.

Modern Warfare 3 has received widespread criticism for its campaign. Many have dubbed it the worst Call of Duty campaign due to its uninspired level design and 4 hours of playtime.

The campaign has also encouraged players to seek refunds on Steam since it has been very disappointing.

Why it matters: While single-player has never been Call of Duty’s main appeal, the latest campaign has disappointed players after Activision teased the return of a popular villain in Modern Warfare 2.

The campaign ain’t so bad after all…
byu/Horizon6_TwT inModernWarfareIII

One Reddit user recently posted a screenshot after refunding Modern Warfare 3, claiming it isn’t so bad since the user played it for free.

Traditionally, Steam does not accept refunds for a game played for over 2 hours. However, in this case, many players who have completed the campaign claim to have been refunded after submitting a request.

Others have pointed out that they were able to refund the game as well despite having over 2 hours of playtime. Interestingly, despite such refunds, the game has stayed at the top of the best-seller charts on Steam and PlayStation.

Players are also sharing screenshots of refunds on Twitter. The popular Call of Duty content creator ExoGhost states that this brother was able to get a refund after completing the campaign and telling Valve that Modern Warfare 3 feels like a DLC.

We believe that, while these reactions are certainly not unwarranted, Modern Warfare 3 will be received better as an overall package. This includes the multiplayer and zombies modes, which will help Activision justify the $70 price tag better.

Nonetheless, we expect Modern Warfare 3 to be quite successful. If history is anything to go by, Call of Duty is guaranteed to do well on the market despite the discourse on social media.

Last year’s release made new records for the series, and while this may not be the case for 2023’s offering, it will likely continue Call of Duty’s strong legacy.

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