Modern Warfare 3 Was November’s Best-Selling Title Despite Criticisms

Now 2nd Best Selling Game of 2023!

Story Highlights
  • Modern Warfare 3 seemed to be the worst Call of Duty game in many years.
  • It was widely lambasted for multiple problems, but the game did not fail.
  • This Call of Duty release was the best-selling title in the US and UK last month.

Modern Warfare 3 was unable to continue the momentum of its predecessor. In the UK, this entry resulted in sales declining by nearly 40% after it received disapproval for a short campaign and a $70 price point.

Still, Call of Duy managed to retain its position as the best-selling game in the region. According to Circana, the game recorded similar results in the US, topping sales charts to become the best-selling release of November.

Why it matters: The result highlights that Activision’s decision to push out a somewhat incomplete game for $70 was a wise business move. Despite harsh reactions, millions continued to support the game worldwide.

Unlike September and October, November did not have many big releases other than Modern Warfare 3. This made it even easier for Call of Duty to outsell the competition since this franchise typically always tops sales charts.

Not too long ago, the shooter was seen as the best-selling release on both PlayStation and Xbox. Other than Modern Warfare 3, recent releases like Spider-Man 2 continued to perform well.

Hogwarts Legacy also made it on the list. This franchise has been dubbed 2023’s biggest new release, living up to this title through the results. Elsewhere, games like Naruto Storm Connections struggled to sell well, failing to make it to the top 10 despite being released last month.

In the case of Modern Warfare 3, this performance is impressive but not surprising. Year after year, fans have complained about various aspects of the IP, but they rarely refrain from buying a new entry.

Leaks suggest that Activision will rely on similar tactics next year, bringing back various maps from Black Ops games for the multiplayer. While this tactic received criticism in 2023, we don’t expect it to leave a lasting impact.

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Nonetheless, Modern Warfare 3 did a few things right to make it to the top spot. The game improves upon its predecessor in the core gameplay, giving fans features that have been demanded for over a year.

The shooter will also go free-to-play for four days from 14 November, with Activision offering several maps and game modes for those who have yet to purchase Modern Warfare 3.

For anyone still on the fence about Call of Duty’s latest offering, this free weekend should be a valuable opportunity to assess the game and its quality.

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