E3 Confirmed Dead For Good After Being Canceled In 2023

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Thanks For The Memories E3!

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  • E3 is nearly three decades old.
  • It was one of the biggest events in the industry until the pandemic.
  • Recent competition and disinterest have meant that the event is being canceled permanently.

The most popular and oldest gaming event, E3, which started nearly three decades ago in 1995, is officially dead.

Following diminishing interest in recent years and the growing popularity of digital showcases, the Entertainment Software Association has decided to discontinue E3.

Why it matters: E3 brought joy to millions through new announcements, gameplay demos, and surprising reveals over the years.

In the past, E3 served as the biggest annual convention for gamers, bringing together developers, fans, and even celebrities to celebrate the culture of this beautiful industry.

However, this journey has come to an end. Following a heartbreaking announcement, CEO Pierre-Louis stated:

“We know it’s difficult to say goodbye to such a beloved event, but it’s the right thing to do.”

He acknowledges the fact that there are still many fans and creators who share the passion and hope for the event.

Still, the pandemic proved too much for this aging event to handle. E3 was last held in 2019. The event was canceled thrice after 2019, with Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest serving as a replacement.

While E3 was expected to return in 2023, industry giants like Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation quickly pulled out of the show, eventually leading to its cancellation again.

E3 Coming Back 2023

Therefore, looking at the industry’s landscape, many could already see that the convention was on its way out.

Recently, Geoff Keighley explained that E3 killed itself. He claimed that Summer Games Fest did not play a role in this death, even if it may now be considered a replacement.

While E3 is dead for good, it will leave behind fond memories for millions of gamers. Major reveals, hilarious moments, and large crowds were a staple of this event throughout the years, making it an essential part of gaming culture.

With the event seemingly gone for good, it remains to be seen if Summer Games Fest will become a worthy replacement.

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