Lords of The Fallen Can Drop To 648p On Xbox Series X & PS5 For 60FPS

Xbox Series S Falls As Low As 432p!

Story Highlights
  • Lords of the Fallen uses Unreal Engine 5 to deliver stellar visuals.
  • However, these visuals come at a cost on consoles, especially when aiming for 60FPS.
  • The PS5 and Xbox Series X run the game at a dynamic resolution between 648p and 1152p.

Lords of the Fallen is the newest Souls-like from the AAA industry. Having managed to sell over 1 million copies in just ten days, the game has performed much better than its predecessor of the same name.

Critical reception has also been mostly positive, but users have pointed out the performance issues and crashing on PC in negative reviews. Similar problems have been observed on the game’s console ports.

Lords of the Fallen can drop to 648p on Xbox Series X and PS5 when targeting 60FPS.

Why it matters: Lords of the Fallen is one of the few games powered by Unreal Engine 5 in 2023. Because of this engine, the game’s performance is far from ideal on mid-range PCs or consoles.

Digital Foundry has recently analyzed the performance of Lords of the Fallen on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 use aggressive dynamic resolution. The resolution can range from 648p to 1152p in performance mode, producing mixed results for the 60 FPS target.

This resolution target isn’t enough to deliver a steady 60FPS experience, with frequent frame rate dips on both consoles. Stuttering is also present in both versions, though it appears to be worse on the Xbox Series X.

Fortunately, image quality is much better in quality mode. While it limits the game to 30 FPS, console gamers can enjoy an image ranging from 1296p to 1620p in this mode.

On the Xbox Series S, the game is a complete mess, staying below 10 FPS in some places due to prolonged stutters that can last for 5-10 seconds. Frame rate drops are also common during intense sequences like the Pieta boss fight.

The resolution on the Xbox Series S can drop as low as 432p despite the lack of a stable 60FPS experience.

The Lords of The Fallen

At one point on the Xbox Series X, the report noted that performance took a nosedive to around 2-3 FPS.

While this issue was fixed by restarting the game, it shows that Lords of the Fallen needs a lot of optimization on consoles. Fortunately, Hexworks has already released various patches for the game, with more expected in the future.

We think Lords of the Fallen is a good Souls-like at its core that manages to pull off a dual-world system perfectly. However, the performance problems are noticeable and can get in the way of the overall experience.

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