Take-Two Thinks Red Dead Redemption Film Would Be Too Risky

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Take-Two Prefers Risk/Reward of Games Business!

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  • The Take-Two CEO was recently asked about a potential film adaptation of Grand Theft Auto.
  • He stated that the business is inherently risky and doesn’t bring similar profits as the gaming industry.
  • Therefore, he is unlikely to consider bringing IPs like Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption to the big screen anytime soon.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise will soon be at the forefront of the gaming industry again. Last week, Rockstar finally confirmed an upcoming reveal for GTA 6, so fans can expect to hear about it all across the internet.

Since these games are quite character and narrative-driven, many have also been curious about a potential TV or film adaptation for GTA. While franchises like Mario have found a lot of success on the big screen, Take-Two does not see much potential there.

When asked about plans to bring GTA to the big screen, CEO Strauss Zelnick was quick to point out the risks associated with this industry, saying that the results wouldn’t be worth the effort.

Why it matters: The demand for film adaptations of Rockstar properties like GTA and Red Dead Redemption has existed for a long while. Actors like Jack Black have also expressed interest in seeing these games on the big screen.


During an investor call, Take-Two was asked about potential plans to pursue a film adaptation for GTA in the future. Strauss Zelnick replied:

“(Films and television) are very difficult businesses.”

He described that this business does not generate the same types of profits seen in the gaming industry. According to Strauss Zelnick, a massive film like Barbie is expected to receive around $125 million in licensing profits.

While this is by no means disappointing, a single game like Red Dead Redemption 2 has been able to make significantly more money. Games also have the benefit of longevity, making millions through microtransactions and updates in the long term.

Therefore, Take-Two believes a film adaptation for a massive IP like GTA is not worth the risk. Naturally, this means the studio has similar thoughts about Rockstar’s other IPs, including Red Dead Redemption.


Strauss Zelnick also pointed out that failure can potentially harm the IP, making this a risk not worth taking for Take-Two. He stated:

“In failure, we run the risk of compromising the underlying IP.”

While this may be disappointing, all eyes are currently on GTA 6. Therefore, fans are likely to ignore the fact that Take-Two is unwilling to bring these iconic stories to the big screen for now.

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