Super Mario Bros. Crosses Huge Milestone With $1 Billion Box Office

$1 Billion Achieved By The Movie!

Nintendo’s first step into the film industry has proven quite successful for the gaming giant. Following a disappointing run with Super Mario Bros. in 1993, the Nintendo mascot has returned to love from audiences worldwide.

While critics were not too impressed with Super Mario Bros, it was already projected to be the biggest box office opening for an animated release. This success has continued for several weeks, and the movie has now crossed $1 Billion at the box office.

Super Mario Bros Movie Review Roundup

This is just one of the few accolades that Super Mario Bros. has earned in its few weeks at the box office.

The movie has comfortably beat other 2023 releases like the MCU’s Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantamania. With the $1 Billion target achieved, Nintendo has also made the gaming icon stand tall as the most successful animated movie since 2019.

With upcoming releases like Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3, Super Mario Bros. may slow down as the popular MCU picks up the pace once again. However, Mario has shocked everyone with its incredible run so far, and it would not be surprising to see it continuing this progress.

As such, the next few weeks could lead to another significant boost to the already impressive figures.

Mario’s success at the box office has also encouraged Nintendo to pursue movie adaptations for other iconic IPs. This means fans will soon be able to watch Nintendo IPs like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and more on the big screen.

For Nintendo fans who have not seen the movie yet, Super Mario Bros. is scheduled to release on DVD and Blu-Ray in July. Unfortunately, the studio has also delayed the digital release, with no release date currently in sight.

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