Indiana Jones Prioritizes Stealth & Puzzles For A Wider Audience

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Less Action More Stealth!

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  • Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is set to release sometime in 2024.
  • Many expected the game to be focused on gunplay and shooting due to MachineGames’ history.
  • However, the developer has clarified that the adaptation focuses more on stealth and puzzles for a wider audience.

The developer behind Indiana Jones, MachineGames, is famous for its single-player stories, of course, action involving guns. The team thinks it is a match made in heaven for this project, as it particularly excels in writing stories that involve Nazis.

Many were expecting the game to feature plenty of gunplay and action due to MachineGames’ history. However, those players should lower their expectations as Indiana Jones is more focused on stealth and puzzles.

Why it matters: Indiana Jones has traditionally focused on solving puzzles and taking out enemies through his wits. Therefore, MachineGames hopes to create an accurate rendition of the character.

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This pivot has been made mainly because the developer wants a wider audience to play this game. Therefore, it hopes to offer a unique experience.

The director of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Jerk Gustafsson, revealed in an interview on the Official Xbox Podcast that the studio wants to make a proper adventure game for a wider audience.

“We are making a proper adventure game here, and it’s also a game that is a little more directed at toward a wider audience, [which is] a bit of a new thing for us.”

-Jerk Gustafsson

The developer has made previous titles based on shooter gameplay. Wolfenstein is best known for its punchy and hard-hitting combat, but the team does not want to make another experience like that.

It wants to do something different and completely new this time. The developer also revealed that it wants to stay true to Indiana Jones’ personality

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle
Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Is A First-Person Game Set To Release In 2024

Therefore, going for a more stealth and puzzles-based approach made sense for MachineGames. The developer has been focusing on many things while working on the gameplay.

The main character’s luck, athletic ability, and other traits are also very important for the narrative. MachineGames emphasizes that Indiana Jones will make mistakes since he is not a superhero. As such, his humanity will play a major role in the overall experience.

Fans should also note that combat isn’t entirely out of the picture. Between classic fist-fighting and gunplay, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will offer a variety of experiences throughout its runtime this year.

However, stealth and puzzles seem to be the biggest focus for MachineGames.

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