Xbox Dominated PlayStation Store Downloads Last Month

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Xbox Reigned Supreme In Both US & EU!

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  • Sea of Thieves appears to be doing great on the PlayStation platform.
  • The title has topped the best-selling charts for two months in a row.
  • Other Xbox games like Fallout 4, Call of Duty, and more also sold incredibly well last month.

Xbox recently decided to go multiplatform and released many exclusive titles for the PS5 and Nintendo Switch. One of them was Sea of Thieves, which is Rare’s biggest hit with over 40 million players.

As expected, the title did great on PS5, becoming the best-seller in the US and EU soon after its launch in April. However, the game appears to be going strong on the platform two months after its launch.

Sea of Thieves has topped PlayStation’s top-selling charts for the second month, becoming the best-selling PS5 game in May.

Why it matters: Xbox’s third-party strategy is already beginning to show results. Phil Spencer has also confirmed intentions to pursue this strategy further, and these results show why.

Sea of Thieves
Xbox Games Reigned Supreme In PlayStation’s Best-Selling List For Last Month

Sony recently shared the best-selling games from May on its official website, and it appears that Sea of Thieves has topped the charts yet again. While this multiplayer title finished in third place in April, it jumped to the top last month, beating many recent releases like Stellar Blade and Helldivers 2.

It was also the best-selling game in Europe, beating iconic titles like GTA 5, which took the second spot. Elsewhere, titles like Fallout 4, which recently gained popularity thanks to the TV series, have also appeared on the list.

What’s interesting here is the number of Xbox releases in the best-sellers. Between Modern Warfare 3, Minecraft, Fallout 4, Sea of Thieves, Grounded, and more, this list is dominated by first-party Xbox releases.

Overall, this is a huge win for Xbox. While many doubted this strategy when it was announced, fans are now starting to see Microsoft’s vision.

Minecraft Dominated The PS4 Downloads

PlayStation is also loosening its stance on exclusivity. The upcoming Lego Horizon Adventures is headed to the Nintendo Switch, with Sony even expressing interest in seeing Aloy in Smash Bros.

Ultimately, Xbox will be happy with this outcome, as its titles are doing well on the PlayStation consoles. According to reports, iconic exclusives like Halo Combat Evolved may be headed to the platform next. Similarly, id Software has confirmed Doom: The Dark Ages for PS5.

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