Asetek May File For Bankruptcy After 40% Decline In Shares

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Tough Times Ahead For Asetek!

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  • Asetek makes pumps for various AIO coolers.
  • The company is currently facing a massive decline in share value, potentially leading to concerns over bankruptcy.
  • Asetek SimSports is still going strong.

With modern gaming processors becoming more powerful, adequate cooling is needed to keep these chips running at all times. PC gamers typically rely on air coolers or AIOs, though the latter ends up being more suitable for high-end builds.

Regarding AIOs, a significant portion of these brands depends on Asetek, which is currently experiencing financial difficulties and may file for bankruptcy due to a 40% decline in shares.

Why it matters: If you have bought an AIO, chances are it is a well-known brand, and the pump was made by Asetek.

Asetek Is Famous For Making AIO Pumps | Image via Tech4Gamers

Founded in 1997, Asetek is a Danish firm specializing in developing and marketing liquid cooling technologies. This is a result of the company’s commitment, which began in 2009, to working with other manufacturers to introduce high-performance liquid cooling.

They created an AIO for Alienware PCs, which used the first and second generations. For the third generation in 2010, Corsair, Antec, and PNY used Asetek pumps to guarantee proper cooling.

The fourth iteration, which debuted later in 2012 and is thought to be the most well-liked, was utilized by numerous firms, including NZXT, Thermaltake, HP, Intel, and several others.

In 2015, generation five offered improved performance and reduced noise, while generation 6 introduced the Corsair H150i and H115i AIOs, also utilized by Asus and Gigabyte.

Asetek recently revealed their partnership with Fabric8Labs to develop their AI-Optimised Cold Plate, which has better heat dissipation than the generation 8 that is currently in use.

Until the corporation shared its revenue and profitability projections in 2024, everything appeared to go according to plan. We are concerned about the company’s future because of the dramatic 40% decline in share price brought about by this decision.

Asetek is researching the short- and long-term effects of the challenging market conditions, which are not good. They think the income decline might last until 2025, so a strategy for the future needs to be created.

Asetek SimSports, on the other hand, is expanding as anticipated and projects a 40–60% rise in income over 2023.

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