Horizon Forbidden West: Nvidia Confirms DLSS 3 On PC

Nvidia Reflex & DLAA Also Included!

Story Highlights
  • Horizon Forbidden West is finally coming to PC after two years.
  • Nvidia has confirmed that the game will launch with DLSS 3 support.
  • Other Nvidia technologies like Reflex and DLAA will also be supported.

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the definitive PS5 exclusives to date. Following a successful run on PS4/PS5 consoles after selling millions of copies, the game was announced for the PC last year.

While a confirmed release date is yet to be announced, Nvidia’s latest trailer shows DLSS 3 support for the PC port.

Why it matters: DLSS 3 uses the GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards for Frame Generation. Using AI-generated frames, Nvidia’s latest GPUs can typically double frame rates in an instant.

YouTube video

At CES 2024, Nvidia debuted a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West. In addition to DLSS 3, the trailer confirmed Nvidia Reflex and DLAA for the game.

Therefore, the full suite of Nvidia’s software features will be available in the PC port at release. Since this video was uploaded on Nvidia’s YouTube channel, it remains to be seen whether FSR 3 support will be included in the game.

Apart from Horizon Forbidden West, DLSS 3 will soon be available in upcoming releases like Tekken 8. Nvidia has also announced the technology for Diablo 4.

Horizon Forbidden West

Nixxes Software is handling this PC port, and the studio has developed a reputation for producing feature-rich translations of PlayStation games on PC.

The studio’s last port, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, already shipped with ray-tracing on consoles, but Nixxes Software added additional options for the PC version. However, it seems Horizon Forbidden West will not receive any ray-tracing enhancements.

The game is expected to arrive on PC in early 2024. We hope to learn more information about it soon, with analysts providing a complete breakdown of the additional features and PC-specific introductions from Nixxes Software.

Its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, is still PlayStation’s best-selling PC port. Therefore, Horizon Forbidden West has big shoes to fill, and a complete set of Nvidia-supported features certainly inspires confidence in the game.

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